Netflix Has an Awesome Speed Test Site

Netflix Has a Fast Speed Test Site and It's Awesome!

Netflix Speed Test Site

While consumers will love how easy Netflix's Fast Speed Test website is to use, Internet providers may end up hating it.

What better way to check to see if you are really getting the download speed you are paying for than using a speed test website. If you have tried some speed test websites in the past, you may find them to be a little distracting with all their cool graphics, and fancy gauges.

Netflix in an effort to make it super easy for consumers to instantly check their Internet speed has their own version of a speed test website. It's called and it is so simple to use that anyone can instantly check their speed by simply surfing to the website.

Netflix's site is completely different, it instantly calculates your Internet download speed the moment you enter their site and displays it prominently on the page. No buttons to push, unless you want to do another scan or check your speed from another site. It only shows download speed and not upload speed. When streaming your media that is really the only number that matters. is simple and easy to use just like Google, without any distractions.

Do This When Checking your Internet Speed

1. Check your speed if possible from a computer connected to your cable modem or Router with an Ethernet wire. If you check from a WiFi connected device, your reported speed may be slightly slower.

2. Check your speed during different times of the day.

3. Try resetting your broadband modem and then check your speed again.

Why You Internet Company May Hate Netflix's New Website

With some broadband companies under-delivering from their stated bandwidth speed, customers can now easily check to see if they are getting what they are paying for.

A speed test can sometimes detect a problem with the wiring or equipment in your home. If you are not getting close to what you are paying for,  be sure to contact your Internet provider and have them check your connection and hardware.

Netflix's easy to use speed test website could very well end up causing cable companies some extra repair costs on their faulty lines or equipment and their customer service reps some added aggravation dealing with irate customers.

Test Your Internet Speed Now

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