Best Roku Private Channels You Should Add Right Now


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Roku Channels You Should Add Right Now

These are the best private Roku channels

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Roku, currently one of the most popular media players makes models for every budget. Starting as low as $29.99 for their entry model the Roku Express and up to $99.99 for their top of the line Ultra 4k HDR stand alone media streamer. Many new Smart TVs now even have a Roku already built-in.

While there are some other good media players out there, none are quite as easy to use or offer as much diverse content then what you can find on Roku. If at some point you ever want to try another media streamer, like the excellent Nvidia Shield, it's still nice to own a Roku. Especially after seeing all that Private channels can have to offer.

What Are Roku Private Channels?

These are Roku channels that someone built and for whatever reason did not upload them to the Roku channel store and make them public. 

Some Private Roku channels may only be intended to be shared with a small group of individuals or with a group of employees. 

Private channels could also still be in beta (a work in progress) and not quite ready yet for prime time. Others may be released by developers that don't mind sharing their private channel code to let you watch their channels or really don't care to make them public.

Warning: Some private channels may contain copyright content which can include newer movies and TV shows. Lately, Roku has been cracking down on a few private channels that blatantly violated their terms and has removed a few of them for copyright violations.

Private channels may also contain content that is prohibited by Roku from being shown publicly in their channel store such as Adult movie channels. These channels have been available on Roku as private channels for a long time now and are mostly paid subscription channels. A few also offer limited free content or free trials. These typically cost much less on Roku than subscribing to their content on cable or satellite.

Private channels can often times contain a lot of extra great content and can make owning a Roku even better. If you have not yet installed any Roku private channels, you are missing out on some really great Free TV!

How To Add Private Channels

These channels can't be added from your Roku. They need to be added from a web browser either one of two ways as shown below.

1. By Special Channel Code 
You will first need to login to you Roku account from a web browser and then add the codes on this Roku add channel page here.

2. By Clicking An Add Channel Link
We have several popular Roku channel lists that include both private channel codes and also Add channel links to quickly add private channels.

This Huge A-Z Roku Channels List contains many codes for private channels. The list is over 10 pages long and also contains many popular public channels that you won't want to miss.

This is an A-Z Private Channel Codes Only List. Channels on this list can only be added by code. Included is a nice step-by-step guide pictorial on how to add private channels by code.

Another added bonus to private channels is many times public channels are restricted to only certain countries with geo-blocks. Private channels may often work in your country with no restrictions.

Anytime you add a private channel or public channel from your computer, to get the channels to show up on your Roku you first need to do this...

On your Roku go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now

Your new channels will then be added to the very end of your channels list. Depending if you have a lot of channels installed, it may take a lot of scrolling to find them. 

TIP: How to Find Newly Added Roku Channels Quickly

Go to the home screen and from the top of the channels list press the up arrow on your remote. This will quickly take you to end of your channels list and any newly installed Roku channels will be instantly added.

Best Roku Private Channels




Watch free 600 Free Live TV Channels. See 45,000 Complimentary movies TV shows and more.

This private Roku channel comes with a nice guide and contains a lot of great FREE content.

ADD FilmOn Channel

ChannelPear - Code: CHANNELPEAR


Their Roku channel may be gone, but you can still export your channels and watch them with the Roku m3u Player. Before you can watch ChannelPEAR, you first need to create an account and setup the channel from their website. Sign-up free and you can add and watch up to 5 live stream channels with your account. These are live M3U channel streams that contain some great FREE live TV content. Their website contains links to many popular live TV channels. ChannelPear along with the m3u player is another way  to watch some great LIVE Free TV with your Roku.

ADD ChannelPear Channel

Cowboy Classics - Code: COWBOY

If you are a fan of old western movies, this is the channel to watch. It features all the great cowboy movies with some of your favorite actors. Add this channel and watch hundreds of classic six shooting cowboy movies. 

ADD Cowboy Classic Channel

To watch even more great Western movie Roku channels, don't miss this list of seven Classic Cowboy Western Roku Channels.


MyChannels - Code: MYCHANNELS

This is a home screen channel organizer to quickly help you find and filter through a large collection of Roku channels. With over 4,500 public Roku channels to choose from, plus a long list of private Roku channels it can get difficult quickly finding your favorite channels.

MyChannels helps to sort your channels by making this the first channel on your list and then creating channel lists within the channel itself. You can then group your favorite channels together so you can find and open them quickly.

ADD MyChannels Channel

UpdateMyChannels - Code: UPDATEMYCHANNELS

If you want to update your channels or add new Roku Private Channels in one simple step, you need to add this private channel. 

UpdateMyChannels is channel shortcut that once you open it on your Roku, it instantly checks for updates and adds any new channels to your Roku. 

This makes checking for updates or adding new channels simple and fast and something you will quickly learn to use on your Roku. 

Remember, any newly installed Roku channels can always be found at the end of your channels list.

ADD UpdateMyChannels


Roku is home to a long list of Adult Roku channels. These are some of our favorites because they either offer Top quality content in HD or Free Trials so you can sign up and enjoy watching full adult movies for FREE up to 10/days right on your TV with your Roku. One adult channel will even give you a FREE Roku if you sign up for an extended period of time.

Signing up for adult channels is easy and must be done from their website before you add and watch their Roku channels.Here is guide to some of the Best Adult channels on Roku

Adult Roku Top 3

SpaceTime - Code: CN6MRTG

This channel features many full Space programs from NASA and short clips from space agencies around the world. SpaceTime is free to add and will keep space lovers entertained for hours on end.

Love Science Fiction movies and TV shows? Don't miss this collection of great Sci-Fi channels for your Roku.

Wilderness Channel - Code: FL821095

This Roku channel aims to bring the great outdoors right onto your TV screen.  With tons of great on-demand content from Survival, Hunting, Nature and Shooting Sports it will keep you entertained for many hours on end. Besides Roku, the Wilderness Channels is also available on Android TV, Apple TV iOS and Chromecast.

ADD The Wilderness Channel

RokuCastr - Code: CL9D5D

For those times when you find some great content on a website and want to watch it on your Roku RokuCastr is your go to private channel.

You can also install their chrome Extension which then let's you use Google's Chrome Web Browser to cast content right to your Roku using the native Roku remote video player without needing to install a separate Roku channel. To get this extension for Chrome - Click here.

If you love M3U stream hunting, don't miss this Private M3U Player.

ADD RokuCast Channel 


This Roku channel is perfect if you own a HDHomeRun Tuner. This is a network tuner that you hook to your Router and your TV antenna. You can then record and pause live TV and with the use of this channel watch these recordings on your Roku.

Visit their website to register and get their channel for your favorite streaming devices. Then use your HDHomeRun to create your own HD DVR without monthly fees.

ADD HDHRFling Channel

Aquatic Life Screen Saver

If you would like to zone out in front of a peaceful, virtual salt water fish tank, you need to add this channel. This is a free public channel and it is an absolutely stunning if you have a 4K Roku and 4K TV. 
Visit their site.

ADD Aquatic Life Roku Channel


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