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Remember Redbox? Home to $.99 Video Rentals. Redbox On Demand May Be Coming Back

Redbox owned by Verizon is once again looking at delving into the On Demand Rental Streaming video market.

In limited areas, Redbox is testing out a new streaming TV service called Redbox On Demand (beta). This service will be in addition to their bright red DVD rental Kiosks you may be familiar with and are located in many retail establishments around town.

Redbox is currently testing to determine feasibility with only a small select group of customers to see how this service will function and to help them decide if they want to roll this out on a wider scale.

How Much Does Redbox On Demand Cost Every Month?

Unlike Netflix, Hulu and Amazon that charge so much a month or an annual fee to use their streaming TV service. Redbox will only cost you money when you rent a movie much like VUDU.

Movies can be watched as many times as you want within the rental period. Each movie may vary so be sure to check out their MyLibrary page and it tells you how much time is left on your rentals.

PlayPass Points Still Apply

If you are part of the Redbox Playpass program, you still will get 10 points for each movie you rent and watch online. Once you get 100 points you can redeem them for one free movie rental.

Stream Redbox Movies to Multiple Devices

Redbox On Demand allows you to register 5 devices with their service but you can only stream your movies to two devices at once.

Support for Multiple Devices

Redbox on demand will support both Mac and PC with their Desktop App, and also Android and iOS. They even have a Private Roku channel you can add below.

Add Redbox Beta Roku Channel

Roku Redbox Channel Code is: RBXDIGITAL

Sign-up for a Free Redbox Account and Receive One Movie Credit

This will not guarantee access to their on demand beta program. If you get lucky, you will see the beta On Demand link. If you don't see this link, on their home page you won't be able to get the Roku channel to work until they roll it out to a wider audience or go public with the channel.
Redbox on-demand beta Roku channel

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