Why So Many Religious Faith-Based Roku Channels?

Why So Many Religious Faith-Based Roku Channels?

This is a question that has come up time and time again. When it comes to Faith-Based Religious Church Channels, Roku is home to most of them. 

Some may argue this is one of main reasons for Roku's success. Although, there are many other contributing factors.

It is true, you will find many Free, faith based religious channels covering a wide range of beliefs from many different churches, tabernacles or mosques.

No matter if your religious faith is Christian, Catholic, Islam, Hindu or Jewish. Even if you are an Atheist and have no faith at all, Roku has a channel that will fill your needs.

Here are three reasons why you will find so many religious channels on Roku

1. Many of these channels are put out by various churches and religious organizations. Just as there are hundreds of thousands of churches, temples and mosques across the world many have adopted the Roku platform to showcase videos of their sermons, services and other events.

2. The Roku Platform is easy to develop on and becoming a developer is free. Unlike Apple and Google, which charge you a fee to develop content on their platform. Anyone with a website can build and upload to Roku a public or private Roku channel. Follow these instructions to build your own hosted channel that will cost you no additional fees besides your web-hosting fee.

3. Roku religious channel keeps parishioners in touch with their church. Many elderly people have a hard time or are physically unable to go to church. They can still feel included by watching their religious programming on their Roku from the comfort of their home.

Where to find Religious Roku Channels

Roku has a large section on their website that are all faith-based channels.

We have also assembled a large list of both Public and Private Roku Religious channels for all faiths and denominations.

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