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Antennas Direct Clearstream MAX Antennas

This Over The Air Antenna Can Change the Way You Watch TV

If you want to receive FREE clear HD TV of higher quality than what you typically receive from your cable or satellite provider, an over-the-air antenna may be perfect for you.

Over-the-air antennas are making a huge comeback. With the prices of satellite and cable TV subs going higher and higher and more providers implementing broadband caps an antenna may make more sense now than ever. Pair it with Plex Live TV and a network DVR and you can also record live HD TV!

Antennas Direct, one of the early pioneers in modern OTA antenna design has been helping cord-cutters save money for many years now.

They are on the cutting edge of antenna design and a leader in the industry and their latest 1MAX, 2MAX and 4MAX antennas are no exception. 

After having almost given up on an OTA antenna, after trying a popular indoor antenna from another company and couldn't receive a single station. By chance, we tried an Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse amplified antenna of a similar design and were astonished to receive 7 really clear HD stations.

This really piqued our interest especially after learning that when it comes to antennas, bigger is better, and the higher you place them the better. So one winter morning we headed up to our attic to install their larger, longer-range antenna the Clearstream 4V. You can read more about our attic install here.

We were ecstatic once we found out we received 14 channels including all the major networks in beautiful, crystal clear HD. Our expensive cable TV bills were officially over.

Antennas Direct, not content to rest on their laurels, went back to the drawing board and just came out with a new line of antennas the Clearstream 1MAX, 2MAX, and 4MAX.

The really great thing about these new antennas is now only minimal assembly is required. If you are a fan of simple, you will love their new antenna design. Watch the video below to see how easily their popular Clearstream 4MAX antenna is assembled.

The new Clearstream MAX antenna looks much nicer if installing it on your roof.

INSTALL TIP: If you have an old DirecTV or Dish Network satellite dish installed on your roof, this is probably the easiest way you can install an over-the-air antenna.

Remove the dish and mount your new Clearstream MAX antenna right to the same pole the dish was installed on. The cables going to your TV are already there, and your antenna will be grounded. You may need to move in the direction of your new antenna for the best reception. Simply rotate it on the mast and point it in the direction of where the majority of your towers are located. Be sure to scan for new channels on your TV.

To determine which MAX antenna you need, just enter your zip code on their Antenna Selector page. They will calculate the distance to your TV transmission towers and list the best antennas for your specific location and tell you how many channels you can expect to receive with each one.

Clearstream MAX Antenna Range

  • The Clearstream 1MAX Antenna has a working range of approximately 40 miles
  • The Clearstream 2MAX Antenna has a working range of approximately 60 miles
  • The Clearstream 4MAX Antenna has a working range of approximately 70 miles

It is probably best to call or chat online with their customer service team to get the right antenna specific to your home address. This will save you from buying a more expensive antenna than you need.

If you have more questions about antennas, be sure to visit the excellent Antennas Direct Learning Center. And also be sure to check out our Digital HD Antennas Guide

If you are lucky enough to live really close to the TV towers, you may be able to get by with their amplified Clearstream Eclipse. This is a thin, unobtrusive indoor antenna hardly larger than a sheet of paper that may give you excellent results.

Learn more about the Clearstream Eclipse

You really can't go wrong with any antenna you buy from Antennas Direct, they are a wonderful group of people that are doing their best to support and advance the cord-cutting movement and also helping you save money.

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