Plex Live TV How It Can Save You Money

Plex Live TV How It Can Save You Money

If you watch mostly network stations like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS and CW and were thinking about signing up for Sling TV or DirecTV Now just to watch these channels,  Plex Live TV may be just what you need and it could save you a ton of money.

HDTV / TV Antenna For Free TV

If you can get a TV signal, you may be able to receive some of the same channels in crystal clear HD for Free with nothing more than an antenna. If you haven't tried yet, you owe it to yourself to place a powerful antenna on your roof or in your attic like one of the awesome antennas from Antennas Direct to see if you can receive Free TV.

A while back we placed one of their ClearStream HD TV antennas in our Attic and were blown away by the number of channels we received. This was after trying other cheaper brand indoor antennas behind our TV without receiving a single channel. Almost giving up, we tried the Antennas Direct Eclipse Amplified TV Antenna and received a few channels in beautiful HD and knew we were onto something good.

Antennas Direct just came out with a brand ClearStream 2MAX Indoor Outdoor TV-Antenna which requires no assembly so now it's even easier to install.

If you need a more powerful antenna, the Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V has a range of over 70 miles and is the one we chose to use in our attic for watching crystal clear over the air HD TV.

While the 4V antenna required some assembly, it was still very easy to put together and only took just a short while to get everything hooked up. Just be sure to aim it properly, their site will tell you which direction to point it to get optimal results. Antennas Direct also has an excellent Learning Center for more great tips and help setting up and installing your Antenna.

How Plex Live TV Will Simplify Watching and Recording Live TV

Just recently Plex announced a new feature for Plex Pass members that will let them watch and record live TV channel from an antenna using their excellent Plex steaming software.

Plex Pass subscriptions costs $5 per month, or $40 per year. For $120 one time fee, you can even get a lifetime subscription to Plex Pass.

You still need one more device which we became very familiar with once we dumped our expensive TiVo DVR. We have used an HDHomeRun for the last 6 years to record and watch HD OTA TV. A HDHomeRun will cost you around $100, but just like Roku, once you buy it there are no more monthly fees. Pay once and use it as long as it lasts it lasts.

Before Plex Live TV came along, you would need to record and watch your TV shows on a computer that was hooked to a TV. Now the Plex Live TV feature will save you from needing to attach your PC to your TV to watch content from an HDHomeRun. Plus you won't need to switch inputs on your TV when you want to watch recorded shows on your PC. Your PC will still need to remain on though while you are watching the corresponding Plex Roku channel.

So if you have been missing out on DVR Recorded Live TV, or Data Caps are eating away at your cord cutting savings, give Plex Live TV and a HDHomeRun a try.

In the end it it's still cheaper than paying big cable for another subscription and most of the best channels on cable, are the ones you can also get for free.

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