Fastest Most Powerful Android TV Box Money Can Buy

Fastest Most Powerful Android TV Box Money Can Buy

Almost everyone looking for a new Android TV box has one thing in common...

They want an Android TV box that is insanely fast, powerful enough to shred through Kodi, and one that won't break the bank or raise eyebrows when the credit card bill arrives.

Android TV boxes are becoming more and more popular for the tons of great apps and content you can use to help cut the cord and lower your cable TV bill. While Amazon boxes are popular with those new to Android, there are actually much better boxes available and we will show you why.

fastest most powerful Android TV box

When Android TV boxes first arrived on the media streaming landscape several years ago, many were built very cheaply and used the same android software that was used on cell phones. The offered virtually no upgrade path when a new Android operating system was released and you could pretty much count on upgrading it every year with a newer faster model running the newest Android OS.

To make matters even worse, the remote controls included with these boxes were about as cheap as they come. They would barely work 5' away. The first thing you want to do is lose the remote as quick as you can and replace it with a nice bluetooth mouse. Only then can you navigate your way around the Android OS comfortably and fully take advantage of all it's features.

Those that got tired of playing the upgrade game were happy when Minix arrived on the scene and started building media streamers that were quite good. Updates while slow to come at first but eventually they started releasing them quite regularly. This makes Minix one of the better Android Clone companies available.

One thing you will get when you buy an Android clone is a completely unrestricted Android OS. This means you have full access to the Google Play Store and can install any apk you like even from private app sites. Amazon would rather you buy your content from their video store and even though you can used Kodi and other Android Apps on it for now, at some point they could release an update and kill your ability to use unsanctioned apps on their devices.

Fastest Minix Android TV Box

Currently the Minix Neo U9-H is their top of the line fastest most powerful model. It offers some impressive specs and it will support 4K HDR.

64-bit Octa-Core Media Hub for Android [2GB/16GB)

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Nvidia Shield

When the Nvidia Shield arrived it was and still is, one of the most powerful Android TV boxes ever made. All this power may be wasted if you only plan on using a Nvidia Shield TV box for Kodi, that is because Nvidia designed their Shield TV box to also be an excellent gaming platform. It not only comes with an excellent high quality remote control, also included is a nice gaming controller.

The amazing Nvidia Tegra X1 processor is very fast and navigates the Android OS smooth as butter. Not only is the Shield build quality amazing, the operating system itself features the true Android TV OS, rather than an OS made for phones.

This Android operating system was designed from the ground up to power the Google Nexus player and is only currently found on very few Android TV media streamers. When you sit on your couch the icons look large and are easy to see across the room. Navigating this operating system is very easy using only the remote control. Even though you can access the full Google Play Store from a browser. The Shield Play Store only has approved apps designed to look great on the Leanback Launcher.

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Performance Comes With A Price

The Nvidia Shield Android TV box is one of the most expensive you can buy. If you don't plan on playing games and don't want to spend as much, a Minix U9-H or even a Neo U1 are still both excellent alternatives to the Shield.

Any one of these Android TV boxes will provide more than enough power to watch your favorite shows and movies and still should last several years before you will need to join the search again for the fastest and most powerful Android TV box. Plus when you buy one of these top quality streamers, you won't need to worry about never receiving an update when bugs are found or new features are added.

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