Nvidia Shield Vs Roku Ultra

Nvidia Shield Vs Roku Ultra

Nvidia Shield vs Roku Ultra

Roku and Nvidia make two of the most popular media streamers available today!

When you want a new media streamer and are looking at some of the best money can buy, the Roku Ultra and Nvidia Shield are two right at the top.

Roku Ultra


The Roku Ultra is the current top of the line, stand alone flagship model from Roku. It came along fairly quickly after the prior flagship the Roku 4 which early on had some users complaining about fan noise. Even though the fan noise was quickly addressed by Roku, when they designed the Ultra the fan was removed altogether. The Roku Ultra runs completely silent. 

Roku media streamers tend to run on the warm side, so it is good to allow plenty of air circulation to help them stay cool. The Heat Sink Mod is a good trick which we use to help our Roku streamers run cooler. This is useful when placing your Roku in a cabinet with poor air flow.

Menus on the Roku Ultra are very fast. Voice search also works great to search for content across multiple participating streaming TV providers. Roku displays search results from the lowest cost to the highest which is a handy money saving feature.  

When you purchase lower cost Roku models, Voice search and the gaming remote are two feature you lose.

Another great feature on the Ultra for those of you that are forever losing your remote control is the remote locator button on top of the Roku. Once it's pressed your remote control will start beeping to let you know exactly where you placed it last.

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The Cost Factor

One of the biggest things the Roku Ultra has going is it costs almost half the price of a Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia Shield

From the first time you open the box, you will quickly realize this is no ordinary Android TV box clone. Almost every remote that comes with Android TV clones are junk. This is one reason we recommend getting a better remote like a PROBOX2 when buying almost every other Android TV box. A wireless mouse is handy to have with some apps as well.

The Shield comes with a very nice WiFi remote and also a pretty decent wireless gaming controller which are both high quality.

One big difference you will see right away is when entering text with the onboard keyboard. When using the Shield remote its inputs to menus are incredibly fast and smooth. 

Android apps run great on the Nvidia Shield and using one as a media streamer is a lot of fun.

When you buy a Nvidia Shield, you are buying the fastest Android TV Box currently available! 

Which will you use more?

This really depends on where you get most of your content from. If you subscribe to channels like Netflix, Hulu or others on Roku you will probably still choose to use your Roku more than a Shield. 

Roku interface still is nicer and easier to. Not that the Shield isn't nice, it really is. It's just that the Roku seems a little more user friendly and easier to use for most people than the Android TV operating system.

Kodi users, the Free TV crowd and those that own a cheaper Android TV box would undoubtedly be much happier with the Nvidia Shield.

Double Your Media Streamers For Twice the Fun

Getting both an Android TV Streamer and also a Roku gives you so many more choices once you have cut the cord. What one platform may be lacking the other tends to make up for. 

One area the Roku has almost every other media streamer beat is with it's large selection of channels. Roku also has over 5000+ Public Channels plus a long list of Private Channels that cover almost every subject imaginable. You will find many more channels that cover Faith, Free TV, News and Adult on the Roku platform than what is available on the Android. 

The Nvidia Shield makes up ground with all the great apps that give you access to Free TV,  some really decent Games even live TV with an HD ATSC Tuner. Some apps like Kodi still can't be installed and used on Roku like they can on a Shield.

If the Nidia Shield is out of your budget, there are other lower priced Android TV boxes and also lower cost Roku media streamers that fit almost every price range.

Getting one of each can make cutting the cord twice as much fun as  sticking with only one platform.

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