Power Down Your Modem

Give Your Router and Modem a Time Out for Best Performance

Power Down Your Modem and Router Once a Day to Keep Them on Their Best Behavior.

Just like small kids that act up when they get too tired, your cable or DSL modem and router can offer improved performance with a short nap every day.

Power Down Modem, Router Daily

Here is what happens when you power down your modem and router. It clears any cache on your WiFi Router that has filled up which can slow down your Internet and cause buffering and slow streaming from your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV or portable internet connected devices.

Shutting down your modem gives it a chance to look for any updates from your cable provider, once it powers back on. A modem left on all the time will slowly begin desynchronizing from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) over time. Some packets that are sent and received can become corrupt, which requires them to be resent again. This can actually lower your connection speed.

If you can remember to power cycle your cable or DSL Modem and WiFi Router once a day, it will always give you optimal performance.

Automate Your Modem and Router Power Down Process

Many of us will have a hard time remembering to power down our modem every day. Besides, reaching behind the mess of wires to unplug and plug back in our hardware is not something most of us would really look forward to doing every day.

Fortunately, we now have some really handy gadgets that will be happy to do this mundane task for us.

These smart outlet strips have a brain which is actually a dual timer built in, that will power cycle each device plugged in based on a schedule you set up.

Once you plug in your modem and router, you can program the timers so it shuts down your router and cable modem once ever 24/hours at a time when it works best for you. It then starts your modem first waiting a minute to power it up before starting your Internet router.

This will let your cable modem start back up first, then bring up your router which is the proper way to power cycle your home network.

TIP - To Get Optimal Streaming Performance if possible use a Ethernet wire connected to your media streaming devices from your Router. If you have more than one device located in the same area, you can run one wire from your Router to an Ethernet Switch. Then simply plug all your devices into the switch for the fastest possible connection with the least buffering.

Smart Power Cyclers For Your Home Network

NetReset NR-1000US Automated Power Cycler for Modems and Routers

power cycle modem router
  • Power source for resolving networking issues through modem and router with sequential power cycling
  • Scheduled automatic power cycle for faster internet
  • Automates networking sequence for restoring connectivity after power outages
  • 20 day battery backup for programmed reset time
  • Compatible with all modems, routers, or network combinations.

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