What to Do When Selling Your Roku

What to Do When Selling or Gifting Away Your Roku

There comes a time in every Roku owner's life, when it is time to move on to something better...

Here is what every Roku owner should do to de-activate their Roku before selling or giving it away.

Selling a Roku while nowhere near as complicated as selling a computer or mobile device that contains all kinds of personal information, it still requires a few steps that should be taken.

Perform A Factory Reset On Your Roku

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Use the up or down arrow and find and select Settings.
  3. Choose System then choose Advanced System Settings.
  4. Select Factory reset and the onscreen instructions will guide you through the process.

Optionally, you can look on the bottom or back of your Roku for a reset button. It is either one you can press or is a small hole that requires a paper clip to be inserted. Hold the button down for at least 20 seconds or until you see the LED on the front of your Roku start blinking very quickly. Your unit will then be reset.

What a Factory Reset Does

A factory reset will restore the software on your Roku to the state it was in when you first bought it. Once reset it requires you to enter all your information for WiFi, account name and password and credit card information all over again.

If you don't perform a factory reset before gifting or selling your Roku any channels you install on your new Roku will still be added to your old Roku. If the person you gave your old Roku to removes a channel, it will be removed from your Roku as well.

They will also have access to any channels that were left on your Roku like Netflix, HBO or Showtime and watching these channels at the same time can count against your device limits.

Unlink a Roku From Your Account

  1. When getting rid of an old Roku, log into the my.roku.com account from your computer or mobile device.
  2. Near the bottom of the My Account page you will see My Linked Devices. 
  3. Choose and highlight the device you want to remove, then select Unlink. 
  4. Finally confirm that you really want to unlink the device you choose.

When you are finally ready to gift or sell your Roku, click here for their current models and replace that older slower Roku with a faster quad-core screamer.

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