7 Roku Tricks You May Not Know

7 Things That Can Make Your Roku Media Player Even More Useful

Roku is a media streamer that never ceases to amaze. It seems like almost every day someone discovers another useful purpose for this great little box. Here are 7 popular things your Roku media streamer can do.

Control A Roku From Your Phone or Tablet

Roku Remote Control Apps

If you your mobile phone has become an extension of your body, Roku makes a really nice app. It works great for finding new content, adding Roku channels or just controlling your Roku from phones or tablets. 

They recently updated their mobile remote control app and it is now much nicer than ever and super easy to use.

You can use it with Android or Apple phones and tablets. Get the Roku remote app here.

Watch Local News With These Roku Channels

Roku Local News Channels

Besides streaming your favorite Movies, Music or TV Shows on your Roku there is also a huge list of local News channels available. These channels cover many larger cities and regions around the country.

To check if your city is covered by a local news channel, we put together a long list of

Roku Local News channels here.

Secret Hidden Roku Menus

Hidden Roku Menus

Roku has a list of hidden menus on their media streamer which you won't find in the "Getting Started With Roku Guide" that you access by pushing a series of buttons on your remote control.

These hidden menus can let you side-load channels like this awesome private YouTube channel. They will let you reboot your Roku device, bring up a hidden WiFi signal strength page or even let you turn on developer mode for building your own Roku channel. Another hidden menu will information and list all the channels installed on your Roku from one page.

Be careful with these menus and don't press the wrong button combination or you could end up factory resetting your Roku. This would require setting up your Roku all over again.

Learn more about secret Roku menus here

Air Cast Shows to Roku From Your Computer Browser

Roku Air Casting

If you find a mp4 or m4v video on a website while browsing on the Internet from your PC using a phone or PC how cool would it be to cast that video right to your Roku and start watching it on your TV?

It is easier than you think and all it takes is installing a Chrome Extension and adding the Roku Cast channel. Here's also an alternative method with step-by-step instructions.

Watch Adult Movies On Roku

Roku Porn

Roku is not only home to one of the largest list of Church Channels on the planet. It also offers some really great adult channels as well.

If you decide to install these channels, be careful though if you own more than one Roku player in your home. Once you install a channel it will be installed to every Roku linked to the same account. It's really best to great a separate account and only install adult channel to a Roku linked to it if you don't anyone else access these channels.

To keep Adult content private, use a Roku 4K Streaming Stick+, or Roku Premiere and unplug it from your TV and keep it locked up when not in use. Create a separate Roku account only for this Roku and only link the devices you want to keep private.

The full adult Roku channels list can be accessed from here.

Build Your Own Roku Channel

Build a Roku Channel

Building a Roku channel is fun and can also be incredibly useful. It's a great way to let your family or friends watch all your travel movies.

You can even make your channel public and quickly find yourself with 50,000 subscribers and monetize it with ads. Building a Roku channel is not super hard. Roku put together an easy to follow Direct Publisher step-by-step guide which uses MRSS Feeds. See This Guide for an On-Demand, Hosted Video Content Roku channel.

mkvXstream's Currated List of Awesome FREE Roku Channels

Best FREE Roku Channels

We compiled a list of great FREE Roku Channels you won't want to miss. Because they contain full movies and TV shows. While these are ad-supported channels they contain some great movies and TV shows you can watch without a monthly fee. And some even contain live television programming with an included TV guide. Channels like Pluto and Xumo almost make it feel like you have a cable TV sub once again. Minus the expensive monthly fee.

Don't miss our HUGE list of great FREE channels. This will open up an exciting new world of content that you may not have known existed and make owning a Roku even more fun.

View the FREE Roku Channels List

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