Update My Channels on Roku Instantly

Update My Channels on Roku

Update My Channels Lets You Add New Roku Channels In One Simple Step

With over 7500+ Public and 1900+ Private Roku Channels on the Roku Platform, installing and managing all these channels can become quite a chore. Take back control over your Roku with these two great apps to help manage your Roku Channels.

Roku Update My Channels

It used to require a few less steps to add new Roku channels with older Roku models, you could simply choose the channels you want to add and then enter and exit the Roku channel store on your Roku and the new channels would appear at the end of your Roku channels list. 

With their latest models and software, sadly this is no longer true. It now requires you to access the Roku Settings menu, scroll down to the check for Software Updates menu and then once it checks for new software it will add your newly installed channels at the end of your channels list.

Update My Channels


Update My Channels

Add Update My Channels to your Roku
An enterprising Roku channel developer created a Roku channel that will give you a shortcut to this process. Once you have added the free channel "Update My Channels" to your Roku, simply click it and it will then perform a channel update for you automatically in one easy step.

When done, your newly added Roku channels will be at the end of your channel list. This entire process takes just a few seconds. It's also a good way to check for any new software updates as well.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Here is what actually happens. The Update My Channels channel will toggle a Roku Update. During this process, your Roku automatically checks for new updates and will load any new channels you may have previously added from our A-Z List or by using the add private channels by code link.

This is actually easier than going into Settings/Check for Updates. We really wish Roku would add a menu setting that is easily accessible from the sidebar that would let you add channels with just one click. Until this happens, the Update My Channels app is your next best bet.

You can add  Update My Channels by Clicking Here. Or, click the Roku channel icon above.

        My Channels

My Channels is another Roku channel that will de-clutter and organize that ever growing collection of Roku Channels that seem to fill up our Roku players. This channel will let you arrange all your Roku channels into channel groups by using the Asterisk button on your remote (*).

My Channels will let you create and assign your own labels or group names to each of your channel groups and choose which channels you want to place into each channel group. 

To access these Roku channel groups, you will need to launch the My Channels channel. Once you exit My Channels, you lose access to your custom channel groups and are back to using the Roku channel manager again.

Maybe at some point, Roku will also buy this channel or add channel groups and custom label features to their software. This would make it much easier and more intuitive for their users to organize and manage their ever increasing Roku Channel collection. Install My Channels  to add it to your Roku.

One last tip on organizing Roku channels. You can also arrange your Roku channels and place your most watched Roku channels at the top of your list and bottom of your list. Then simply scroll up or down from the top and you can access your favorite channels quicker.

Here is how to do this. From your Roku channels list select but don't enter a channel you want to move. Once it's highlighted on your Roku press the Asterisk button on your remote (*). From the context menu click Move channel.  

You can also choose to remove the channel from this same menu if you want to delete it. Move the channel where you want it and then click the center button on your remote.

Watch the video below to see how it's done.

Hopefully, by using these apps and organizing your channels it will make it faster and easier to watch all your favorite content on Roku.

Now that we showed you how to manage your Roku channels, why not check out our huge Roku Channels list to add some great New Private or Public channels to watch on your Roku!

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