XFINITY TV Go Watch Content Anywhere

XFINITY TV Go Watch Content Anywhere

Comcast XFINITY website will let you access full shows and movies on demand plus watch live TV content everywhere

Comcast customers now have an entirely new way to watch and experience content from their cable TV provider.

comcast xfinity

While Roku users were able to sign in with their XFINITY account and watch these Cable TV Roku channels on their Roku for a while now.

Changing with the times Comcast one of the nation's largest cable TV and Internet providers in the U.S. has now rolled out an enhanced website to make their corded cable TV service better. In an effort to keep customers from cutting the cord, their new XFINITY TV Go website offers subscribers the option to watch on demand content from multiple devices everywhere.

The XFINITY website is quite nice and is very easy to navigate and find content to watch. You can quickly filter by genres or popular TV shows and movies. Or, browse content by popular categories.

Click Any Category to See Available XFINITY TV Content:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Sports
  • Family & Kids
  • Networks
  • Live TV
  • StreamPix
  • Latino

  • Before you can use their new website, you will need to have an XFINITY online account.


    If you are a Comcast Cable TV customer and you have not yet created your XFINITY Go account, click here to create one first.

    Once your account has been created, log in to the XFINITY TV website here to access all their content.

    You can watch on demand content on the go from anywhere using their XFINITY iOS or Android Apps. Live TV content can only be watched on your home network.

    While this won't help cord cutters completely cut the cord, it can help cord shavers by eliminating the extra rental boxes. By adding an Android TV box like one of these and using a web browser you can access all the content on the new XFINITY website and eliminate extra cable TV box fees that add up month after month for any additional TVs.

    Important Information about XFINITY

    Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to your XFINITY account.

     - You can only stream to three devices per household at the same time.
     - If your device has enough storage, you can download up to 10 programs to take with you into areas where there is no WiFi or Internet. Perfect for traveling or camping with your Android or iOS tablet or mobile phone.
     - These downloads will count towards your broadband Internet cap. If possible, use public WiFi hotspots to save on your data for downloading shows. For extra protection, a VPN can hide your identity when  connecting to the internet from public places outside of your home network and keep your user information safe.
     - Certain NFL games will also be blacked out from your Go App using your mobile phone. A VPN will also help to get around blackouts from your favorite Sports Teams.


    Their website also lets you search for content from supported networks. We did notice one of our first search terms we entered "The Walking Dead" came up blank. This is because the AMC channel is not on their Supported Networks List.

    It's not a small leap to imagine a day when anyone will be able to sign up to an XFINITY Go streaming only package. With most all providers jumping onto the streaming bandwagon. It probably won't be too long before Comcast starts offering access to their XFINITY streaming-only access to anyone to boost sagging profits from cord cutters.

    Their website,  the apps and content are already there. All they need to do is make the decision to allow it and come up with a price and then streamers will have one more streaming TV provider to choose from.

    Roku Xfinity Channel Will Cut Your Cable TV Bill!


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