Hulu Plus Tips for Max Performance

Make Hulu Plus Run at Warp Speed With These Handy Tips

Hulu is starting to become more popular lately as more major studios are moving their content from Netflix onto Hulu

Watching TV shows the next day after they air has always been a big plus for Hulu since they have agreements with most major networks including ABC, NBC, CW and Fox. Netflix typically makes you wait a year before you can binge watch the entire season of a popular show.

Hulu Plus Tips

As long time Netflix subscribers, we decided to take a closer look at Hulu which seems to have perked up lately with an infusion of new content. By 2017 Hulu is projected to have 19 million subscribers. While there are many tricks and tips for Netflix, like these top 100 movies and shows that help you find the best new and most popular TV shows and Movies. Or, these Netflix Hacks. There have not been nearly as many tweaks and tips published for Hulu.

Here are a few of the more popular Hulu Tips and Tweaks to help you get the most out of your Hulu streaming experience.

Streaming Hulu From a Computer

Want to stream Hulu from your computer? You will need the latest version of Adobe Flash installed to get the best performance. At a minimum, make sure you have Adobe Flash Player 11.1 or above (get it here) HTML5 enabled Internet Explorer 10 or above, Firefox 15 or above, Safari 5 or above, Chrome, or Edge Microsoft Windows 7 or above, Macintosh OS X 10.6 or above, or Linux. JavaScript and Cookies need to be turned on and enabled.

If you would rather not use Flash because of increased security risks, you can spoof your browser to make it think you are on a mobile OS by the "user agent" setting in your browser. Chrome and Firefox have add ons to do this. Other browsers, like Safari, has this feature built-in.

If you want to watch content in 720P and are running Windows, you will need a fairly powerful computer. At a minimum you should have a 3GHz Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 3400+, or faster processor with 128MB of RAM and a graphics card with at least 64MB memory.

If you have a Mac, or Linux PC you can get by with a 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo or faster processor and will need at least 256MB of RAM. Streaming Hulu in 1080P does require a subscription.

Get Max Performance Streaming Hulu From Your Roku

Some Roku Hulu users have complained about poor performance from the channel. Here are few tips to make streaming Hulu more enjoyable from your Roku.

Ensure that your Internet connection at a minimum is: 1.5 mbps for SD content and 3 mbps for HD content. Only these models support the Roku Hulu Channel: Roku 1, 2, 3, 4, Roku TV and Streaming Sticks. Your Roku must also be running Roku OS version 2.8 (build 1158)or newer.

If you are having problems with Hulu playing on your Roku, here are some basic troubleshooting you can do that may help. First run a speed test and make sure you are getting the broadband Internet speed you are paying for and it meets the minimum standard outlined above.

Another thing you can do is Power cycle your Roku, modem and router and be sure to leave it off for a full 60 seconds. Then remove the Hulu channel from your Roku and Add it again here. Once added go to into your Roku Settings/System and check for updates to download the latest software update and add the most current Hulu channel to your Roku.

If these things did not help,  one last thing may be worth a try if your Roku or computer is on a WiFi network. Run a temporary Ethernet cable from your wireless modem or Router to your Roku or computer and see if your streaming peromance is better. Sometimes distorted WiFi radio signals can cause buffering and stuttering problems when streaming. Using a hard wired Ethernet cable instead of WiFi offers the best streaming performance.

If your Internet connection speed is marginal, or you're worried about data caps you can control the video quality of the content streamed from Hulu. From your browser click the gear icon on the video you are watching. The "auto" setting gives you the best picture quality based on your Internet connection. Quality settings can also be adjusted from low to high to full on HD. Remember the higher this is turned to the more bandwidth it takes to watch a video.

Changing these settings takes no effect if you are watching Hulu from your Roku. The only way to decrease your bandwidth from the Hulu channel is to go to your Roku System Video settings and turn them to SD.

Become Familiar With The Hulu Menus

Along the bottom of the window are a series of rectangle buttons. These are your menus that can help you add shows to your queue to watch later, access your settings and do many other things within the app.

Take Advantage of Your Hulu Queue and Favorites List

Finding and searching for content to watch on Hulu is much easier than on Netflix, their categories and suggestions seem to be more accurate. When looking at show that looks interesting that you  want to watch later, instead of clicking the Play Episode button. Click on Add to Queue. This adds it to your Hulu Watchlist where you can easily find it from the main window in Hulu anytime by clicking the Queue button. The Queue is very similar to the Netflix Watch List and they both serve the same function.

The Favorites List help keep all your favorites TV shows and movies together in one easy to find location. You can create this list to quickly catch up on new TV episodes or watch a movie again that you really loved.

Fully Learn How To Use Hulu Search

Like Google, Hulu has a powerful search bar in every page. If can do some amazing things and find all kinds of results if you know how to use it to it's full potential. You can combine different actors and movies that they both play in will show up in the results. To learn how to use their search feature and see all the different things it does, visit this page.

Stop Hulu for Up to 12 Weeks with Vacation Mode

Placing your account on hold is a great feature that will save you money. If you won't be home for a while, you can pause your Hulu account for up to 12 weeks. You will not be billed during this time. To set this up just go to the page. Find Your Subscription section on the right-hand side. Then Click Put Subscription on Hold. This will take effect the next billing cycle. Hulu free shows will still play, you just won't be able to access the premium shows that come with a subscription.

Beware of Fake Hulu Plus eBay Gift Cards

Some sellers were selling stolen codes and adding them to fake gift cards. They were sold at typical "Too Good To Be True Prices". Like get Hulu Plus for 24 Months for $30. There are still legitimate gift card sellers on eBay like this one from Best Buy where a 6 month card costs $47.

If you find yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands, here is how you can get Hulu gift cards for Free.

Hulu Tips

Add the Hulu Remote Control App

Hulu recently updated their app to watch Hulu on your Android Devices. Click here to add the Hulu Android App. They also have this app available for PS4, XBOX and iOS.

This app makes it easy to and search for and view movies and TV shows offered by Hulu. This does not interfere with another show in being watched on a computer or Roku.

Hulu Parental Controls

Parental controls are pretty limited still. You must be logged into an account and be at least 17 years of age in order to view mature content (films rated R, TV-MA shows) on Hulu. If you have younger children, they recommend simply logging out of your account. This by default will block mature content. You can also visit their Family or Kids pages to find suitable content.

Hulu does not have Adult Content, if you want to watch this type of content, you will need to subscribe to an Adult streaming service separately.

Soon You Can Watch Live TV on Hulu

Recently Hulu announced early in 2017, they will be offering live TV streaming which will help them compete directly with Cable TV.

Hulu is a streaming service that should only get better in the next coming months. While they still have nowhere near as many subscribers as Netflix, if they keep offering great content for a good price this could all change soon.

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