Streaming Media Player Vs Smart TV

Streaming Media Player Vs Smart TV

The best option for cord cutters

Cutting the cord is both scary and exciting at the same time. So many different options are available, this can be confusing and even overwhelming to those new to streaming television.

TV manufactures would love for you to spend extra money on their more expensive Smart TV offerings, this may not always be the best way to go.

While some Smart TV brands use limited proprietary software, TCL now has a decent 55" 4K TV that has nicely integrated Roku's software. Sony and a few others have chosen to use the Android operating system to power their smart television models. Samsung Smart TVs built in 2016 and after will come with Plex.

Why a Media Streamer Still May Make The Most Sense

Media streamers typically upgrade their hardware more often. Typically TV owners replace their TV every 7-8 years or longer. It's not uncommon to see new media streamer hardware get updated every year or two. By the time your Smart TV needs to be replaced you could have went through 2 or 3 new media streamers. Commonly older models won't be able to take advantage of new features and channels.

If you are the type of person that almost never upgrades your hardware, a Smart TV could work equally as well.

Software updates are also something else to think about. Quality media streamer companies typically push out updates much more often than what are seen on many Smart TVs.

Media Streamers Are Easier to Replace

If you have a media streamer that needs to get sent back for repair or warranty exchange. Packing it up and shipping it back is easy. It's not nearly as much fun taking your 65" Smart TV off the wall, packing it into your car and returning it back to Walmart.

Extended Warranties Offer Peace of Mind

Lower Overall Cost

Smart TVs are being promoted a lot right now by TV sellers. This is because they have higher profit margins. It costs very little to add an onboard media streamer, yet TV builders charge 3 to 4X more for the same technology that can be bought as a stand alone media streamer.

More Options and Features Available

Shopping for a media streamer gives you many more options, you can choose from a Quad-core Roku 4K Streamer, or a Nvidia Shield that offers high powered gaming with incredible graphics. Or, choose a low profile and inexpensive Roku Streaming Stick that hides out of sight behind your TV.

Choosing the Best Media Streamer for Cord Cutters

A good media streamer can make the difference between a good cord cutting experience, or have the buyer quickly running back to their Cable TV provider.

Best Media Streamers for Cord Cutters:

Roku 4 - If you have a 4K TV this is the streamer you want. It has a fast responsive Quad-core CPU and nice interface. You will have access to thousands of Roku channels. Many Public and Private Channels can be added here.

Roku 2 - Just as fast as the Roku 3 for less money. It omits Voice Search and Gaming remote.

Roku Streaming Stick - Their new streaming stick has a Quad-Core CPU and is just as fast as a Roku 2 or 3.

Nvidia Shield - If Android OS and Kodi is what you want,  this streamer and gaming machine should be on your short list. It has the most powerful hardware of any streamer currently on the market.

When shopping for your next TV you may be forced to buy a Smart TV like it or not, that's because many manufacturer only offer their best displays in a set that comes with all the bells and whistles. Chances are you will still want to add an additional media streamer just so you don't miss out on any additional content and features.

Don't be surprised if your Smart TV function sits there and goes mostly unused. Unless you buy one that has the Roku or Android software onboard.

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