Aereo Founder Brings Us Starry Internet

Aereo Founder is Back with Starry Internet Broadband WiFi to Compete with Big Cable!

Recently the FCC Chairmen said he wished he could have done more to help create more competition in the broadband market. If Chet Kanojia, the founder of the now defunct TV service Aereo has his way, his new company Starry Internet, he plans to do just that.

Some of you may still remember Aereo, who after being sued by the TV Networks and Affiliates was forced to shut down their service. Aereo gave subscribers internet access to free TV channels broadcast over the air by providing each account an antenna which they kept at their company location. Subscribers could then watch network television on their Roku with an Aereo Roku channel for a very low monthly fee.

After Kanojia appealed his case all the way to Supreme Court and lost, a lesser man may have simply given up and walked away. Instead, he is back with a brand new company. This time he's taking on Big Cable with a plan to offer something two thirds of the country desperately needs. An alternative choice to broadband.

Starry Internet is expected to launch this summer. It will bring us high speed broadband right into our homes without wires.

Starry is the worlds's first mmWave active phased array technology designed for consumer Internet communications. They plan on using an underutilized high-frequency spectrum along with their proprietary technology to build a wireless broadband network to cover the nation. It will be capable of delivering maximum speeds of up to a gigabit of Internet. This could be a real game changer that will finally offer serious competition to overpriced and slower broadband plans dominated and provided by big cable.

Initially Starry plans on releasing their new wireless broadband Internet service in the Boston market. From there they plan on branching out into other markets where only one Internet provider is present.

This could not come at a better time for consumers who have cut the cable TV cord, or a worse time for the cable industry. Big cable is already losing customers at a record pace. To make up for this loss, some Internet providers have already turned to broadband caps and throttling. Purposely making streaming more expensive to try and stop customers from leaving.

Starry Internet WiFi broadband is something that is greatly needed and hopefully will end up being a huge success for a determined entrepreneur that just refused to give up.

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