Enjoy your Free over the air TV channels? Many may soon go away unless we all get together to stop it

If the FCC has their way, some of your favorite channels may go away. Don't Let the FCC Take Away Free OTA TV.

Many of us turn on our TV's everyday and watch a long list of Free HD TV channels with an antenna. What if one day, you turned on your TV and all you received was static on some of your favorite channels? If the FCC has their way, this could easily become reality this March.

In the video below "Save Free TV" - Perry Atkinson, President and CEO of theDove discusses the threat of the FCC taking away Free TV by auctions for profit. Watch the video and learn how you can help stop this madness.

Here is What You Can Do to Help Save Free TV

1. Contact Greg Walden Ask him to please save Free TV and Stop the FCC auction this March.
2. Share this with as many people as possible to help get the word out.

If you are not yet watching Free TV, click here to learn more about all the channels you can receive with an over the air antenna.

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