Comcast the Cable Scrooge Tries to Fix Its Image

Comcast the Cable Scrooge Will Spend 1.5 Billion to Fix Its Image

Comcast which has been getting a lot of flack lately for its outrageously poor customer service, is getting ready to spend a ton of money to fix their image.

When you have people posting an image of a Rebel Flag overlaid by a Nazi symbol and Linking it to Comcast, an image makeover is in order.
Finally Comcast thinks so and they even hired Nicholas Alexander's firm. Alexander is the Regional Vice President of Customer Experience. Their primary purpose is to make nice to the many customers Comcast has turned sour.
Alexander says the company is ready to spend 1.5 billion (that's with a b) over the next 5 years to fix customer complaints. Whew, that should make us feel better.
Comcast has been the target of customer rage when they have done numerous things that would make many customers simply leave and go elsewhere.
Unfortunately therein lies the problem. As a huge provider in one of the few industries where there is no competition, customers often have no choice but to stay and take it. Or, simply do without the Internet.
Enough customers voiced their concern to the FCC recently when Comcast tried to buy Time Warner, it caused the deal to fall through.

Top Complaints Against Comcast

Looking at some of the reviews on Comcast it does not take long to see a pattern. 

The following are just a small snapshot of real Comcast reviews:

  • The Worst Customer Service Ever
  • Horrible Support!
  • Awful Customer Service!!!! Bad Business! Comcast Ripping People Off!
  • Don't Take an Attitude With Me
  • Most Corrupt/Inept Company We've Ever Dealt With
  • Feeling Lied To and Frustrated
  • Devious? Or Merely Stupid?
  • Comcast Reps Are Very Good at Apologizing, and No Wonder.
  • Incorrect Billing Has Taken 4 Months and Is Still Not Resolved!
  • Poor Service, Poorer Care
  • Comcast Lies

You can read these reviews and plenty more just like it... here

Like the Scrooge, maybe Comcast has seen the ghost of the future and its future doesn't look so great. Especially a future filled with more competition from the likes of Google fiber and others who can pose a far greater threat to a company that once faced virtually no competitors at all.

Will it be enough to turn around it's one star rating? This remains to be seen. If Comcast stays committed, just like the Scrooge it may one day become a company people will think of fondly rather than with disdain.

If you have had enough and found another alternative, then you may also want to read: Easiest Ways to Cancel Comcast Service 

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