Project Beds for Shelter Pets

Project Beds for Shelter Pets

Winter is coming

shelter dog beds
It's going to be a long cold winter

Alone, Scared and Lonely with Nothing but the Hard Concrete Floor as a Bed

As you go to sleep tonight in your warm comfortable bed, many shelter dogs and cats will go to sleep with nothing more than a cold, hard cement floor or wire cage for a bed.

With counties facing tough budget cuts, County Animal Shelters are often the first to suffer cutbacks. Many shelters around the country still don't have enough beds for all their animals.

Often dogs and cats are dropped off at a shelter when an older pet owner passes away. These were once loved and pampered pets until suddenly, one day their once comfortable bed is now a cold and hard cement floor or wire cage. 

They will spend the rest of their days sleeping this way until they can be adopted or their time is up.

When we reached out to our local Animal Shelter with the desire to donate dog beds, they gave us a link to Kuranda Dog & Cat Beds.

Kuranda Dog Beds

These beds are very durable so they last a long time. They are reasonably priced and Kuranda will even ship them directly to a local Shelter or Animal Rescue Facility in your State, and they even ship Free! Kuranda beds will give dogs and cats a warm comfortable place to sleep instead of a cold hard cement floor or a wire cage.

This winter please join us by donating a dog or cat bed to your local Animal Shelter. We may not be able to change many things in our world, although together we can make a difference by providing comfort to shelter dogs and cats.

Kuranda Dog beds come in a few different sizes for dogs up to 250lbs. Before you donate, please call your local dog shelter first to determine which size they are most in need of. 

You can find their phone number in the US and Canada by entering your Zip code at the... Shelter Pet Project website.

If you can't afford to donate, it costs nothing to share, so please help spread the word by sharing with friends and family on your Facebook wall, blog or website. 

Remember, winter is coming and a warm comfortable bed can help make a huge difference in the life of a Shelter Dog or Cat.

Donate a Bed For a Shelter Pet

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