Roku 4 New Ultra HD 4K Streamer

Roku 4 New Ultra HD 4K Streamer

Roku 4k Ultra HD Streamer has arrived and it's pretty awesome!

New Roku 4 - 4K UHD is Here

Devoted Roku fans have been waiting a while for this. The new Roku 4 is finally here and it's a beauty. While it features a lower and wider footprint, the all new Roku 4 case design still looks sleek and sexy as ever.

Earlier in 2015 Roku revamped their product line and re-released a new faster Roku 2, and Roku 3 which included voice search. If you don't have or plan on getting a 4K TV, these can save you some money. Read more about these Roku models... here.

Their new Roku 4 features a Quad Core Processor that will flawlessly shred through 4K video files, streaming at 60 frames per second and also features some new brand new OS features.

While Roku may have been a little late to the party. Their new Roku 4 is shining example why Roku will continue to be a top selling streamer. Never mind their 3,000 Plus Roku Channels. The Roku 4 offers new innovation and features that easily surpass the latest Apple TV which is still not 4K, the new Amazon Fire TV and new Chromecast.

Roku 4 Includes Some Great New Features

Remote Finder - How much time have you spent looking for a lost remote? The new Roku 4 comes with a new remote locate button on top. Press it and your remote will beep letting you know which crevice it is hiding behind. Remote still has a microphone that supports voice search.

AC WiFI Support - Roku now supports the current fastest AC WiFi standard.  You will need an AC WiFi Router to take advantage of it. Click here for some of the best AC Routers for Streaming you can buy.

New 4K Channel and Netflix Tags - Finding 4K content just got a little easier on Roku. Besides up-scaling 720p and 1080p HD streams to brilliant 4K Ultra HD on 4K TVs. Roku will include a new 4K channel that will tell you what is on and playing in 4K. Netflix will also add special 4K tags to identify 4K content. Roku will have more 4K available on their platform compared to other streamers. 

Travel Hotel Feature - Roku will now make a great travel partner. This is something that has often been requested. Now their new software will allow you to use a browser based network login to use your Roku at your hotel.

Watch 4K movies on a Roku 4

New OS 7 Better Tracking and Search - Enter an actor name, movie or TV show title and the Roku My Feed channel that will now alert you when it shows up and is available to watch. 

Optical Audio Out Port - Along with the standard flagship model ports, like Ethernet. The new Roku 4 now also has an Optical audio out port so you can send your favorite Roku Music and Radio Channels right to your Amplifier or Soundbar.

New Reset Button - The Roku 4 now has a new Reset button. Instead of on the front they choose to locate it on the bottom. It still may be easier to reach in back and just pull out the power cord to reset it.

Quad Core Processor with 60 FPS Support - While this may not seem like a big deal now that we have already have Android TV boxes with 8 Core processors. What is exciting is Roku has been able to get their streamer to play 4K videos at 60FPS flawlessly. Something Android TV Boxes running Kodi are still struggling with.

New Price Tag - All this new tech comes at a higher price. The new Roku 4 when it goes on sale later this month will cost $129. Still a reasonable price for a great new Roku streamer which features not only new hardware, but some great new software as well.

New Apps for Android and iOS - Along with all this great new stuff Roku also has released two new mobile apps to take advantage of all the great new features.

Dimensions - 6.5" Wide X 5.5" Deep X .08" High. Weight .09 Lb.

Good News for Existing Roku Model Owners - You won't be left out, Roku plans on releasing a software upgrade later this month which will give you some of the same software features. Click here to learn more...

Roku 4 Available Now Order Here!

Early Reviews and First Looks are Here!


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