USTVNow 12.0.1 Kodi HD Fix Released

USTVnow 12.0.1 Now Gives Kodi User a 45 Day FREE HD Trial

Great Kodi Add-on! USTVnow will let you watch 7 HD Live TV Channels

Bug fix that forced free USTVnow trial users to watch lower quality SD streams has been fixed in new version 12.0.1

USTVnow has always been a great way to watch Live Network channels for cord cutters in Kodi and XBMC. Unfortunately for those that signed up for the free 45 day trial, the SD quality was not as nice as what Premium users got to see. 

USTVnow recently came out with an update that has fixed this. They now offer Free HD streaming quality during the trial period. Once the trial period is up, the quality reverts back to 480p SD quality and users can continue to watch USTVnow for Free.

Other changes in this new version:
  • They added channel sorting
  • Check for duplicate channels
  • Purge log of unnecessary items
  • Disabled forced low quality SD streaming for trial users.
Here is how to add USTVnow and set it up on Kodi:

- First sign up here for an account at USTVnow.

Use an email address and DON'T Sign-up with Facebook!
Save your email address and password. You will need it later.

After you have your account with USTVnow created:
  • Fire up XBMC or Kodi and then go to Programs, and then Total Installer.
  • Click “search for addons”.
  • Click “Manual search”.
  • After you see the popup box, type “ustvnow”.
  • Choose “ustvnow”. Then press enter. Follow the on screen instructions to install the USTVnow add-on.

  • Once the install has been completed proceed to 
    configure USTVnow. 
  • Go to the videos menu, and scroll down to addons.
  • Select and highlight “ustvnow” and then push the “c” key, to bring up the contextual menu.
  • Select “addon settings”
  • Inside the popup box, enter the email and password which you signed up with at USTVnow.
  • Go to the bottom of the box, and select “Ok”.
  • Select ustvnow to open the addon and USTVnow Version 12.0.1.
Once your trial is over, quality will once again revert to SD. If you enjoyed the HD picture quality, you can sign up as a premium customer and once again enjoy full HD quality plus additional channels that are typically only found with a cable or satellite subscription.

The price is $29.00 a month and this includes 28 channels. 

Watch USTVnow on Android

If you are still using Kodi on a bulky PC, why not upgrade to a tiny Android media streamer that will run Kodi and other great apps right out of the box. We have put together a Top 10 list of current Hottest Android TV boxes. You can check prices, plus read reviews on some of the most popular Android streamers available today.

Watch USTVnow on Roku

You can also watch USTVnow on your Roku media streamers during the free trail. Although unlike Kodi, once your 45 day free trail is over, the Roku channel will no longer work.

To learn more and get install instructions for USTVnow Roku channel, please click here...

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