Top 10 Best Roku Channels


This 2016 "Best of the Best" list represents our top picks from one of the largest collection of channels available for any media streamer. Roku bring us one of the best media streamers in the world. In fact, more cable cutters turn to Roku as their streamer of choice when they make the decision to finally cut the cord. 

Roku has a channel list that is quite extensive, it currently features over 2,000 channels

Check out these popular Roku channels that offer some of the best streaming television content for the money. They help you get the most from your Roku. 

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Netflix Roku Channel


Commercial Free Streaming
  • Original Made for Netflix Series
  • Binge Watch Commercial Free
  • Many Movies from all over the world
  • Huge selection of content
  • 4K UHD Streaming of Select Shows
Free Trial.
30-Day Free Trial - Click Here
Netflix is one of the most popular paid streaming channel on Roku. Fully commercial free streaming, let's you binge watch many season of TV shows or Movies.  
Top 10 Best Roku Channels

Amazon Instant$99 Year

Prime Membership Included
  • Prime offers Many Additional Benefits

30-Day FREE Trial to Amazon Prime
Another great streaming Roku channel with a staggering list of content to watch. Prime members can stream many shows and movie free. Or rent newer movies and watch instantly on your Roku.
Hulu Roku Channel


$8/month Free 7 Day Trial
  • Current TV shows available Next Day
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • Large catalog of titles

Free One Week Trial
Hulu will begin offering a stand alone Showtime channel on top of their streaming package. This is another $8 a month to watch all the great shows and movies on Showtime without a cable subscription. More info...
PANDORA Roku Channel


No Monthly Fee
  • Play Tons of Free Music On Roku 
  • Create Play Lists
  • Free Alternative to Netflix or Amazon

Free Music
Create and Link Your Free Pandora Web Account
Large catalog of free music to choose from and play on your Roku. Turn Your Roku into a free music streamer.
Crackle Roku Channel


No Monthly Fee
  • Ad Based Movie Channel
  • Watch Many Newer Movies
  • Free Alternative to Netflix or Amazon

Free Movies
Watch many of the same movies as Netflix for Free
If you don't mind sitting though a bunch of commercials, many which are the same ones over and over. Crackle is an awesome deal. 
Kamisori Paladin Shears

Showtime Anytime

Need Cable Subscription or Hulu Channel
  • original Showtime TV Shows

Free Showtime Trial.
30-Day Trial if you add Showtime to Hulu Channel
The Showtime Anytime channel is available Free to cable or Satellite subscribers to watch the same content on their Roku. You can also add Showtime directly to your Roku for $11.99/month here...
Plex Roku Channels


Stream Videos from Your Computer
  • Watch Video files or Play Music
  • Right from your PC to Roku!
  • Choose from Many Free Add-ons and watch more great content by installing the Plex Unsupported app store.
Free Trial to Plex Channel.
Plex Pass Subscribers Get Roku Channel FREE!
The Plex channel is now $4.99 for a one time fee. You can also use RARFlix the Plex Alternative Channel which is free.
HBO Roku Channels

HBO Go/Now

Need Cable Subscription or Sling TV Channel
  • Watch Full Hbo Shows
  • Commercial Free streaming
  • Original HBO Series like:
  • Game of Thrones, The Wire and True Detective
Free Trial. HBO Now 7-Days Free than $15 a Month on Sling TV.
If you have a Cable or Satellite Sub watch and add HBO GO to Your Roku Free.
Sling TV Roku Channels

Sling TV $20/month

  • Live TV Channels ESPN, TBS, AMC, TNT, PBS
  • Adult Swim, CNN and More...
Free Trial. Watch 7 Days Free
Sling TV is a Cable Like TV channel that brings you some of the same cable channels you could watch on Cable or Satellite without an expensive subscription or extended contract. No additional equipment to buy. Cancel or start service anytime. Now you can also add stand-alone HBO to Sling TV for just $15 more a month.
MyVideoBuzz Roku Channel


Side Loaded YouTube Alternative Roku Channel
  • Works on many Roku Models
  • Works Better than Roku YouTube ChanneL
  • Watch a ton of great free content
  • Full length movies and TV Shows
Free to Install.
Follow instructions to Sideload it to your Roku
Since this is not an official YouTube channel Roku has banned it from their channel store. It must be sideloaded using your developer account built into your Roku. We created these easy to follow instructions to add My VideoBuzz channel to your Roku. Give it a try you won't be sorry.

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