Fight Spam Don't Sign In With Gmail

Fight Spam Don't Sign In With Gmail

Before you sign in or sign up with Gmail, try this disposable email service instead

Spam, the parasite of the email world is something we would all be happy to live without...

Not only is spam annoying, these days it can be filled with all kinds of nasty malware that can compromise your computer and also steal your identity.

Gmail is a great alternative email client to Outlook and works really well as a secondary or even as a main web based email client. Using Gmail simply to prevent spam is overkill and also very time consuming.

Don't Sign In to Gmail to Sign Up for Free Offers

When you sign up for various freebies on the web, you have to remember there usually is no such thing as a free lunch.

Most of these places are offering you these Free tidbits for a reason. They want your email address. This is so they can add you to a list and bombard you with email after email offering you great stuff to buy which will hopefully make them rich.

While creating a fake Gmail account may sound like a good solution to combat this tactic. We will actually show you a much faster and easier way to get around this.

Why Gmail is Not the Best Way to Fight Spam

Here is why you don't need to use Gmail as a disposable email address to fight spam:

It takes time and effort to create a new Gmail account.
Setting up a new gmail account requires time and effort to set up.

You have filter through a long list of spam emails.
Just like any other email client, soon you will have a long list of spam emails filling up your inbox. In no time flat this can become overwhelming.

You must login to use Gmail
Every time you need to sign up for another freebie offer you will need to sign in, or sign out from another Gmail account to access your content. This wastes even more of your precious time.

Don't use gmail sign in

Disposable Email Address to the Rescue

A disposable email address is one of the best ways to keep your email secure and off a spammers list. They are fast, and the better ones require no login. is one of the best disposable email sites we found because it does not require you to login to use their service.

How to Use Mailinator

To use Mailinator's disposable email address service,  just make up a fake name and append it to their website address. 

For example:

Then just visit their web site and enter your email name "nospam" right in the box on their home page. They will instantly direct you to your disposable inbox where you can view or download your free email offers.

Mailinator does not require an account. No login or password is needed to get your mail. This is much easier than creating an account and needing to sign in to Gmail each time.

Don't use mailinator for sensitive information. If someone else uses the same email name, any emails you signed up for will be visible to them as well. 

Try to come up with a more unique and harder to guess email name if you don't want anyone else seeing your freebies and offers.

Mail on their site expires, after a few hours. If you sign up for something, you will need to check your Mailinator box fairly quickly. 

Some sites have blocked Mailinator email addresses from creating accounts. If this happens, just search Google for "disposable email" and try some other sites they may not have blocked.

At last resort, you may need to use your fake Gmail or Yahoo email account you have reserved for just those special occasions.

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