Sword-n-Scandal Roku Channel

Sword-n-Scandal Roku Channel

Re-TV presents the Sword-n-Scandal Channel, with movies and television series featuring adventures from characters of ancient mythology to kings, queens and pirates.

While there are over 2,000 Roku channels available on Roku, not many carry exclusive content entirely related to swords and adventure.

The Sword-n-Scandal Channel is a place where one can encounter gladiators, pirates, knights and more.

Sword-n-Scandal Channel Now Available on Roku

"Heroes larger than life jump into action from the arena to the battlefield while treacherous and conniving villains try to stop them. 

From the high seas and back to the wooded dale, swordplay has been at it's finest throughout the ages. These movie and television characters place us in times forgotten, or only once imagined. Go back with us and see them together for the first time on Re-TV.

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Roku Channel Code: VGZCF

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