Samsung Galaxy S6 Best Android Phone 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Best Android Phone

Samsung has been turning out some truly amazing cell phones for years now, like their latest smart phone the Samsung Galaxy S6 that we will be reviewing in this article. They’ve gained a large following of loyal customers from all over the world, and the quality of their cell phones keeps getting better each year.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S6 brings to the table some new features that have been missing on previous Android phones. Their new flagship phone offers a new level of quality which features a glass and metal body. A welcome relief from the cheap plastic case of last years model. The new Galaxy 6S can now easily stand toe to toe with any current top of the line iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Features and Benefits

  • New Metal Body – Say good bye to the cheap plastic cases of older Galaxy phones.

    Samsung upped it's game dramatically by housing their new Galaxy S6 in a sleek metal body covered front and back with Gorilla Glass 4. It is now thinner and lighter than ever.

    Unfortunately, the new sleeker design comes with a price which may leave some fans a little unhappy.

  • Battery: The battery included with the Samsung Galaxy S6 while not as powerful as last years model, still surpasses it's closest competitor the all metal HTC One 9.
  • Better Home Button:
    • DoubleTap (Home Button): Two taps of the home button will now launch the 16-megapixel camera into action. This is a welcomed shortcut that will make it easier to access the camera even from a locked phone.
    • Metal Ringed Home Button: Easily launch recent apps right from the metal Home Button ring or use it to flip through screens or pages.
    • Smaller Footprint: Smaller and lighter than the model it replaced. It measures a mere 5.65" Tall x 2.78" Wide x 0.27 Thick.
  • Wireless Charging – This is the latest in cell phone technology and something iPhone users will envy. Charge your new Samsung phone by laying it on top of a charging mat. Many public places will offer these devices to their customers. Next time you are eating lunch, just lay your phone on the charging mat at your table and top it off.
  • Fingerprint Sensor – Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner to quickly unlock your phone. No pass codes to enter or forget.
  • 5.1" AMOLED Display – The display on this phone is off the charts gorgeous. The level of detail is almost beyond human comprehension.

Helpful Tips To Remember About The Samsung Galaxy S6

Want to use the amazing AMOLED screen on your Samsung S6 phone for watching TV shows and Movies?

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Pros And Cons


  • Very fast. Unlike traditional Android Phone manufactures, Samsung went with their own CPU to give you a smooth Android 5.0 user experience.
  • Gear VR headset is a $200 option that brings virtual reality to the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Samsung Pay will let you use you Samsung Galaxy S6 to pay for products in stores right from your phone authorized by your fingerprint.


  • Unfortunately Samsung eliminated the ability to swap out batteries. Like the iPhone, the battery is now sealed so it will require other alternatives to simply carrying an extra battery pack with you.
  • The absence of a MicroSD slot will be a little disappointing to some fans. In order to make the new Galaxy 6S as sleek as possible this had to be eliminated.
  • While the new case is nice, and Gorilla Glass 4 is tough, drop it and it will still break. Why take a chance with such an expensive phone. Be sure to protect it with a Top Rated Case to protect it from life's drops and spills.

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