As Namco Celebrates their 35th anniversary of PacMan a timeless classic arcade game, here are the best places to play Pacman online for free.

In a simpler time before the internet and 3D Multiplayer First Person Shooters, on May 20, 1980 Namco introduced PacMan, and it took the world by storm and became in instant sensation. While they have released several updated versions since than, there is something addictive about the original classic game that has endeared it to fans all over the world.

Happy Birthday PacMan!

PacMan Game Instructions

You get three lives per game. Use the the Left, Right and Up, Down arrow keys to control the yellow PacMan. Avoid the ghosts unless you eat a white dot. Then when the ghosts turn blue, you can gobble them up and score points. Snatch up the fruit for extra points.

Play PacMan Online Free in Full Screen at Free

Play PacMan Online Free

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Play PacMan on Your Android Devices

Mazeoid is a free no frills PacMan style game you can play on your Android devices. It looks and plays almost exactly like the classic PacMan game except the sound is lacking compared to the original.

Download Mazioid Android Apk

PACMAN New 35th Anniversary Edition

For this years PacMan 35th Birthday celebration Namco brings us a brand new edition of PacMan. This is what they had to say about their latest PacMan game.
“This is an almost totally new PacMan. Everything has been redesigned to enhance the player’s experience. We have brought a pixel-to-pixel recreation of the classic game with the same difficulty, and we have also introduced new mazes and challenges. We are planning to continue to bring new elements to PacMan and evolve the franchise!”

Celebrate PACMAN With Your Own PACMAN Arcade Machine

What better way to remember and celebrate the classic PacMan game then by owning your own PacMan arcade machine. It features 13 classic games that will let you relive that special time in your life.

You will get the same look, sounds and feel that no computer game can ever simulate.

For another classic arcade machine take a look at the Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Class of 1981 Arcade Gaming CabinetPacMan Arcade Game

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