Roku Login, Account and Customer Service Information

Roku Login, Account and Customer Service Information

Create an account and login before channels can be added

Here is how to quickly set up a new Roku account, login and start adding many great new channels to your Roku media streamer.

Roku is a widely popular media streamer and when you take a look at the huge list of Roku channels available both public and private, it's easy to see why. One thing many new Roku owners may not know, is a Roku account is required and you must login to your account before new channels can be added. Either from the Roku itself, their Public Roku channel store website or from our huge A-Z Private Roku Channels List.

Roku stores all your channels and account information on their servers or in the cloud. This is really nice in case you ever upgrade or buy an additional Roku for another TV. Once you login to your account on your new Roku player all your channels will be available on that device. It really doesn't  matter if you own one Roku or a hundred. If they all use the same login account and password, they will all have the same channels available. This is why we often recommend separate accounts. One for the family Roku and one just for the adults.

Create a Roku Account Without a Credit Card

Use this link to create your Roku account and bypass entering a credit card completely:                                                                                       

 Here are the steps needed to create and login to your Roku account: 

 1. When you turn on your new Roku for the first time you will be greeted by their guided setup. When you come to the screen that will Activate your Roku it will give you a linking code. You will need to go to their website to add the code from a web browser. 

To add your linking code visit:

2. Once your linked code has been accepted, you will then be required to go through a brief registration on their website. They do ask for a Credit card or PayPal account initially. Don't worry though, as this can later be deleted from your Roku account or you can register using another link provided below. 

You will also be required to setup a 4 digit pin number that must be entered before any new channels can be purchased and added to your account. A pin is not needed to add free channels, although someone would still need your Roku account and password to add channels. So be sure to always remember to log off from your Roku account in your browser if you don't want your kids installing a bunch of inappropriate Roku channels.

Since a large majority of Roku channels are free, and streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, VUDU and Hulu Plus all require you to register and set up new accounts on their own websites. Many people choose to remove their credit card information from their Roku accounts.

How to Remove Your Credit Card Information From Your Roku Account

If you would like to change or remove your credit card information just Login and Access your Roku account and then under "Payment Method" click "Update". You can then change or delete all your credit card information.

Roku Customer Service Information

When you need help with your Roku here is the information you need. 

If you bought a new Roku, you have up to 30 days to return it no questions asked.

Roku also offers a Ninety Day Warranty. If you experience issues, don't wait. Be sure to ask for a replacement unit if your problem can't be resolved in a timely manner. Here is a link to their warranty.

  • 3-year coverage from date of purchase: hardware failures
  • Fixed or receive full replacement cost in 5 days or less - guaranteed
  • Free 2-way shipping for repairs
  • 100% parts and labor covered with no deductibles
  • Fully transferable with gifts. Cancel anytime, full refund in first 30 days

Contact Roku for Service or Trouble Shooting Questions at:

Customer Support by Email: Click Here

Customer Support by Phone: 888-600-7658

Visit Roku's Website at:

Now that you have your Roku account activated and set up the fun begins. Visit our Roku Channels Guide to find and install many new public and private Roku channels across many popular categories.

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