Roku 50" 1080P Smart LED HD TV Proscan PLDED5030A-RK

Roku 50" LED 1080P Smart Proscan HD TV

New generation of LED Smart Televisions powered by a MHL Roku Streaming Stick

When Roku first announced they wanted to embed their media streamers into a line of smart televisions it was both exciting yet still had us feeling a little uneasy. Now that the new Proscan 55" Roku LED HD TV is available for sale, it appears this concern may have been unfounded.

If Roku had chosen to place their media streaming hardware directly inside the television, it would have meant their hardware would have stayed the same over the life of the TV set. While software updates could have easily been applied through a USB port or WiFi network, as streaming technology advanced it would have made it extremely difficult or nearly impossible to upgrade Roku hardware for most consumers. Not many people would really feel comfortable taking apart their expensive flat panel HD television set to replace a Roku circuit board with a new faster upgraded model.

The MHL Streaming Stick was first introduced during their last generation of Roku media streamers. Not to be confused with their current low cost entry model the Roku HDMI Streaming Stick. The Roku MHL Streaming Stick had the same hardware specs as their then top of the line Roku 2 XS. The Roku 2 XS was discontinued and replaced with the Roku 3.

Roku Did it Right

Anyone that has owned an older generation Roku knows first hand as new hardware and channels come out, very often older Roku models are left behind and can't fully take advantage of these new features, channels and updates. Roku had a much better idea in mind and instead of embedding their hardware they simply bundled it alongside a 50" LED Proscan TV in the form of an included MHL Streaming Stick. This was a brilliant move in more ways than one.

Three Reasons Roku Bundled Televisions Makes Good Business Sense

One - Roku is not limiting themselves to just one television vendor. They can always sign up more vendors in the future that may not have their own Smart TV technology.

Two -  By using this approach Roku places their product in front of another large segment of the population that may never even have considered streaming. Once they have had a chance to see what Roku is all about, this will further help promote their brand and cement their first place position as the top selling streamer in the USA market.

Three - When a new Roku model comes out it's really a simple matter of purchasing and installing a new faster updated streaming stick or any other Roku model that will further help enhance their revenue stream and add more money to their bottom line.

About Proscan Televisions

Proscan is one of the lines distributed by Curtis International Ltd. headquartered in Toronto Canada. They have distribution facilities throughout North America and have been in business for 25 years. They sell a wide range of home electronic products which included DVD systems, portable and home stereos, telephones, portable televisions, and MP3 players. They also distribute home appliances such as compact fridges, microwaves and water coolers.

Why Proscan HD LED TVs

Proscan televisions are rated very highly by consumers. With their good reputation, affordable price and wide distribution network it's no wonder Roku chose them as one of the first television manufacturers  to partner with.

Here are some of the top mentioned comments about Proscan Televisions:

1 - Quick and easy to setup
2 - Great picture quality
3 - They are Energy Efficient 
4 - They come with a fairly decent remote
5 - Plenty of connections for 3rd party devices.

Proscan Roku MHL Streaming Stick

Proscan LED HD TV Streaming Stick Setup and Manual

- For a quick Roku Streaming Stick Setup Guide please click here

- To view full Proscan PLDED5030A-RK Product/Troubleshooting Manual.pdf please click here

Proscan PLDED5030A-RK LED Roku Streaming Stick Price and Availability

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