Install Public Roku Channels from Your Mobile Phone

How to Install Public Roku Channels from Your Mobile Phone

Bypass Mobile Sites and Access Full Websites

With the recent changes to Roku's website, mobile users are now blocked from installing public Roku channels. Private channels with codes will still work as before. When users now try to install Public Roku channels by clicking on "Add Roku Channel" links, your browser is automatically redirected to a limited version of the mobile Roku site which has no access to the Roku channel store.

One can still use a desktop PC or use the simple "Browser User Agent" work around methods described below to access the entire Roku site or any other websites. This will give you the ability once again to add Public Roku channels from mobile devices.

User Agent Trick

User Agent Workarounds

Android Users:
Here are a couple of easy ways to quickly switch your user-agent.

Get the - Ultimate User Agent Switcher Chrome Extension
This extension will let you switch to a desktop User Agent for full access to websites and to bypass limited mobile websites.

Get the - Dolphin Browser for Chrome
With the Dolphin web browser you can change your User Agent right from the settings menu inside your browser.
Switch between desktop & mobile view with the Dolphin Android User Agent. View mobile mode for compact information or view in desktop mode for full functionality.

iOS Users:
Install the excellent and Free Mercury Web Browser on your mobile device. Open up the Mercury Browser app settings on your mobile device and navigate to User Agent. Set the User Agent to either Safari(Mac OSX), Chrome or Firefox 23.

Once you change your web browser User Agent (UA) on your phone, all the channel install links will work as before. If your IP address is inside the USA, you will be able to add all channels that your Roku model will support. (Other mobile web browsers may also have built in options for setting User Agent. iOS Safari does not). Mercury Browser is also available for Android Users.

Quickly Add New Roku Channels

- To search for and quickly add new Roku channels, visit our huge A-Z Roku Channels List
- Visit our Roku Channels Guide to view channels by categories.

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