Best Vaporizer for Herbal Cannabis - Top Vapping Performance

Best Vaporizer for Herbal Cannabis - Top Vapping Performance

Top two best vaporizers for a healthier alternative and better cannabis vapping

A high quality vaporizer offers a safer, healthier and less wasteful approach to smoking cannabis.

Vaporizers Offer a Safer Cannabis Delivery Method

Vaporizers designed for cannabis are almost odorless and let you inhale just the THC. This is the active ingredient in cannabis that provides the medicinal effect. Since vaporizer produces virtually no smoke there is less lingering odor than from smoking and no sticky residue that can permeate everything in a room.

Numerous studies have proven inhaling smoke of any kind can be toxic and detrimental to your health. With more states legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes ingesting harmful smoke is not the safest delivery method. Vaporizers superheat the cannabis turning it into a vapor and offer a much healthier and safer alternative to smoking. Vaporizers come in all shapes and forms, from inexpensive to high quality models that were designed using the latest technology from NASA. Today vaporizers are widely in use and not just for cannabis, many are also used as an alternative to smoking tobacco and also can be used for aroma therapy as well. To be used in a vaporizer, cannabis must be ground down into a fine powder. At the higher temperature inside a vaporizer it produces almost perfect combustion which allows the cannabis to vaporize instead of smolder and smoke.

How a Vaporizer Can Save You Money

A vaporizer for cannabis requires heating the cannabis to a high temperature of 439 °F (226 °C). This is the optimal temperature needed to get the highest THC delivery efficiency. If fact studies have shown that a drop in temperature to 302 °F - 356 °F (150 °C - 180 °C) can cause a 50% drop in THC delivery efficiency.

The vapor from a vaporizer is contained inside disposable ballon like bags and from there inhaled into the lungs. It's important to note that the longer the vapor is inside the bag, the THC will actually begin to condense on the sides of the bag which will subsequently lower the delivery dosage. Inhalation is the preferred delivery method as the effects are noticeable much faster than ingestion through food or tea.

Be prepared vaporizers built to high quality standards and don't come cheap. Either does medicinal cannabis. Can you really afford to waste half of it as is common with low cost inexpensive vaporizers that don't regulate temperature precisely at the optimal heat settings?

While there certainly are many lower cost vaporizers available, it's only the higher end models that are built to the required tolerances and specifications needed to tightly control optimal efficient delivery temperatures with less waste and harmful toxins.

Two Top Vaporizer Models the Herbalizer Hot Air and the Volcano

While there certainly are many low cost models available, these are two of today's best vaporizers when you consider build quality, delivery efficiency and features:

The Herbalizer Hot Air Generator "Herbie" - Limited - Inspired by NASA

Best Vaporizer for Cannabis Vapping

When it comes to high end vaporizers, the Herbalizer is at the top of the list.

The Top of the Line Herbalizer Hot Air Generator efficiently known as "Herbie" was designed by two former NASA Engineers. This unit offers instant precise heat and comes with a convenient clam case to discreetly hide it away when not in use. If you want the top of the line Vaporizer, you need look no further. This is top of the line and made in the USA.


  • Made In USA from Top Quality Components
  • Four Different Options to Choose From
  • Optional Fan Assist
  • Ballon or Whip
  • Fast Instant Accurate Heat Settings

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The Volcano Classic Vaporizer - German Engineering

The Volcano Classic is also a high quality Vaporizer that has been around for several years. Not quite as expensive as the top of the line Herbalizer Hot Air, it is still built using to notch components and is made in Germany. It features a fully electro mechanical design and the manufacturer claims tens of thousands of these have units been sold. The Volcano also accurately control temperatures and uses a mechanical rheostat knob rather then digital controls.


Best Marijuana Vaporizer

  • Solid Proven Design
  • Durable Stainless Construction
  • Grinder, Screens and Cleaning Brush
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Temperature Regulated Accuracy ± 9°F (5°C)

Both these Vaporizers are Top of the Line and two of the best vaporizers currently available. 

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