Channel Master DVR+ Free Over the Air HDTV Recording DVR Alternative to Cable TV

Channel Master DVR+ Record Free Over the Air HDTV - DVR Alternative to Cable TV

Now Cable TV cord-cutters, can record live TV shows on a Channel Master DVR with no monthly fee

One thing many people soon miss after cutting the cord is their HDTV DVR. This is one service that Satellite and Cable TV companies offer that is well worth the money. Pausing and time-shifting your favorite shows, fast forwarding through commercials or recording an entire series on a Tivo or content provider DVR, is something that seriously changed the way we watched television.

Channel Master is bringing cable cutters back some DVR magic by offering an external box that records free over the air HDTV from an antenna signal with dual built-in ATSC tuners. The Channel Master DVR also features Ethernet or WiFi with an optional USB Wi-Fi adapter. Included is 16gb of onboard memory for storing the guide and channel information and offers limited space for recordings. To enable dual tuner recording, you must hook up an external flash or hard drive to the USB port. This also expands the Channel Master DVR+ storage capacity to hold much more recorded content.

Channel Master DVR with No Monthly Fee

One thing that most Cable TV DVRs, and even ATSC DVRs like the TiVo Roamio have in common is they require you to subscribe to their online TV Guide. While TiVo charges $14.99 per month for their service. Channel Master DVR sells their box with a lifetime subscription so there is no annoying monthly fee for their 14 day guide or DVR software. Unlike newer smaller companies, Channel Master has been in business making antennas for a long while now so they will continue to be around for a long time.

Setting Up a Channel Master DVR+ is Easy

Installing and setting up the channel master is quick and easy. It attaches to your router either by WiFi or with an Ethernet cable. Then simply attach your HD antenna cable and a HDMI cable from your television. They also sell an optional IR extension cable if you want to hide the Channel Master DVR+ inside a cabinet. Once setup just run the app to locate and install your local over the air HDTV channels. We have included a link to the Channel Master DVR+ setup guide and manual below which explains how to do this in detail:

Click here to view or Download Channel Master DVR+ Manual.pdf

Channel Master DVR+ Video Review

If your serious about reducing your Cable TV bill, cut your cable and get an over the air ATSC HD antenna get a Channel Master DVR+ to record Free over the air TV. The money you save will start adding up pretty fast.

- To read more reviews and check current price on the Channel Master DVR+ Bundle: Please click here »

Alternative DVR Solutions for Cable Cutters


The HDHome Run is another network ATSC recording device that offers multiple models. Their Prime model includes cable cards for recording Cable TV along with three separate tuners, If you are a cable cutter the HDHomeRun Dual is a model that would better fit your needs.

Unlike the Channel Master DVR+ and TiVo Roamio, the HDHomeRun requires a separate TV along with additional software on a Mac or Windows PC or HTPC to record your content. If you are already using one as a Plex or media server, an HDHomeRun will save you some money as there is no monthly fee. Otherwise, the Channel Master or TiVo DVR may be a better choice for recording free over the air HDTV.

Please click here, to get more information on HDHomeRun Network DVRs.

TiVo Roamio is another great DVR alternative for cable cutters which offers some really great features. TiVo was one of the first DVR companies to go mainstream and is also an excellent DVR. The hard drive is included and built-in so you won't need to hook up an external drive.

If you plan on getting a TiVo Roamio HD Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player, the (TCD846500) is their only model that includes an ATSC Tuner for recording from an HD antenna.

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