Five Reasons the Mac Pro May be the Best Media Player PC

Five Reasons a Mac Pro May be the Best Media Player PC

There is no doubt when you first see the new Mac Pro you will be taken by it's sexy cylindrical exterior. Look a little deeper and you will notice the powerful processing power under the hood. Stand back and listen and you will be impressed by the absence of noise. Get prepared for sticker shock, the new Mac Pro also comes with a price tag to match it's impressive list of features.

New Mac Pro a Sexy Beast

Mac Pro Best Media Player PC

Here are five reasons why the Mac Pro would make an amazing Media Player PC:

Media Player PC
Screaming Fast or Massive Overkill? Under the hood the Mac Pro is a monster truck on steroids. Even the base model comes decked out with more hardware to shred through anything a media player could possibly ever throw at it. It can transcode files, play videos, download torrents all at the same time without even breaking a sweat. Sure there are perfectly capable computers that can do this for less, when you have your heart set on a Ferrari, a Chevy just won't scratch that itch.

Mac Pro HTPC
Extremely Versatile. With the specs a Mac Pro brings to the table, you have something much more versatile than a single purpose Media Player PC. This computer can be used for a wide range of projects. From Photoshop to Gaming, to running the software needed for a business.

Small Foot Print Striking Industrial Design. The Mac Pro is nothing like any computer you have ever seen. It's one of the smallest Mac Pro computers ever built and is hardly any lager than a desktop speaker. It's design is one of the best looking and most unique you will find on any current PC. Built tough by a company that designs both the hardware and software it will give you years of service life and low depreciation.

Incredibly Quiet. Excessive noise is the reason most people don't want a home theater computer. Who wants to be distracted by whirling fans while listening to their favorite movie or TV show. The Mac Pro is almost dead silent and this make it an excellent candidate for a Media Player PC.

Less Malware and Updates. The Mac OS Rocks. It is incredibly stable, fun and easy to use and you don't constantly spend your time waiting for the slew of extra programs you must install and update to keep it safe. On top of this there are almost daily OS patches Microsoft releases for Windows. For a Home Theater Computer, Mac OS is for the most part set and forget. They do still have occasional updates, just not nearly as many as their PC cousins.

For most of us a Mac Pro is like Unobtanium, very expensive and out of reach for mere mortals. For the few that can afford one and want the very best, this is it. The Mac Pro even in it's base configuration will far exceed any other Media Player PC or computer in it's class.

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