XBOX Media Center Setup Guide

XBOX Media Center Setup Guide

Transform your XBOX One into a great Media Center

While the XBOX One may not come preconfigured to act as a Media Center. With just a few simple steps, your XBOX One can be turned into a fully functional Media Center.

Follow these instructions to turn your XBOX into a Home Media Center

1. Ensure the Xbox One is attached and connected to your home network, using ether a wired Ethernet connection, or wireless WiFi connection.
2. On your XBOX go to the XBOX Live Store and click on the “Music” tab. Download the Xbox Music Application.
3. Click the “Video” tab in the Xbox Live store and download the Xbox Video Application
4. Go to your User Settings “Preferences” option in the user settings menu. Verify that the “PlayTo” streaming option is selected.
5. Go to your computer and if you're using Windows 7, click on the Start menu and click “Devices and Printers”.
6. Add a new device. The Xbox One OS should show up as an available UPnP option.
7. In Windows 8 use the Device Charm Bar through the Video app and choose the Xbox One.
8. Enjoy streaming your video and music content with your XBOX One Media Center.

How To Play Your Media on XBOX One with Windows 8

Step 1: Locate the media files on your PC that you would like to stream on the Xbox One.
Step 2: Right-click the media file, and select “Play To” and select “Xbox OS”.

If “Play To” does not exist as an option in the context scrolling menu, open “Windows Media Player”, and then select and click on the “Play To” option. It should bring up a media player. Drag and drop the media file into the player and it will automatically start playing the file on your Xbox One.

Windows 7
Follow steps above. If get a Digital Media Renderer driver error, just disregard it. Instead make sure that on the PC in Media Player on the Stream Tab, you select the following two boxes:
Allow remote control of my player…
Automatically allow devices to play my media…
Finally, click More streaming options... and you should see that your XBOX One now has been given full access.

XBOX One Media Remote

XBOX Media Center Remote
An XBOX Media Center without a remote control to start and stop your media is not much fun. Microsoft recently released a new media remote for their XBOX One. The XBOX One Media Remote is IR line of sight and has a 30 foot range. What's really nice is the motion controlled backlit buttons. When it senses motion, the buttons light up so you can use it in a dark room without fumbling for the light button. The Media Remote controls video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming videos. It also has a one-touch, quick access button for all your media center favorites on your XBOX One.

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