HDHR Fling HDHomeRun Roku Channel

HDHR Fling HDHomeRun Roku Channel

Roku channel to watch HDHomeRun Recordings on Roku

HDHR Fling is a new app that let's you fling live TV, or previously recorded shows using your HDHomeRun and a Roku channel right to your TV. HDHRFling supports all HDHomeRun devices that implement the HTTP API. Now you can even fling live TV to your mobile device while flying in airplane as shown in the video below.

HDHR Fling is a paid app that costs a one time fee of $14.99. It will work with Roku, iOS, Android, the Web and more. Updates are included free. Take advantage of their free trial before purchase. To download this app you must register and login first. Here is the link to register and download.

Setup takes a few steps although they offer an excellent "How To" guide on their site. If you can setup and configure a HDHomeRun, you should have no problems setting up this app.

Once setup the built in guide is provided by Zap2It. This guide will work with many cable providers, satellite TV and also over the air HD Broadcasts received by antenna.

With HDHR Fling running on your media server or a PC, you will be able to watch live TV anywhere you go on your Android or iDevices. Either from home or remotely from outside your local network.

Click here to add the HDHR Fling Channel to your Roku. 

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