Best Soundbars to Pump Up the Sound

Best Soundbars to Pump Up the Sound 

Three top selling soundbars

While flat screen televisions offer stunning images in HD and 3D. They fall flat when it comes to vibrant room filling sound. Surround sound speaker systems are still popular, although they add additional costs and worse yet, can fill up a room with unsightly clutter. This takes away from that modern clean sleek looking design of a large flat panel TV hanging on your wall. Soundbars come in more streamlined packages, while still providing much better sound then one could ever hope to get from tinny sounding speakers found in most flat panel TVs.

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Most Important Criteria for Buying a Soundbar

While many soundbars may look similar on the outside, here are some important factors to consider:

Sound Quality - Clear Vocals

How many times have you watched a movie on TV and wondered what the leading actor said? Then you hit the pause and rewind button and play it over again because you don't want to miss something important. Vocals are what matters most, and if a soundbar can't clearly reproduce the spoken dialog, it has fallen down on it's most important job.

Soundbar Features

Soundbars today come with many great features, some important ones to consider are:
  • Clear dialog rather than booming base that will shake the neighbors walls 
  • Powerful enough amplifier to fill the room with sound 
  • Wirelessly connect to a television and subwoofer by bluetooth 
  • Ability to sit on a tabletop or mount to a wall
  • Pro Logic II and dts Digital Surround 
  • Remote control to control volume from the couch

Visual Appearance

Visual appearance can often be a motivating factor for purchasing a sound bar  While appearance is important, and who doesn't want their entertainment center to look amazing. Choose a soundbar design that compliments your television rather than clashes with it.

Three Top Rated Soundbars:

Klipsch SB 3

Klipsch has always been known for its unique, lifelike and detailed sound when it comes to loudspeakers, and with the HD Theater SB 3, fans can now enjoy the exclusive benefits associated with horn-loaded technology. As Klipsch enters the soundbar market, the company does so by applying its true principals of high efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity, wide dynamic range and flat frequency response.
Reviewers gave  the Klipsch high marks for clear vocals, deep thumping bass and room filling sound. If trying to compromise and replace a higher end surround sound system with a lower profile soundbar the Klipsch SB3 will not disappoint.

Read reviews, and get best price on the Klipsch SB 3 here »

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Yamaha YAS-101BL Front Surround System 

The Yamaha YAS-101 is a single speaker home theater Soundbar system with a built-in powerful subwoofer. With easy setup, stylish design, and luxuriously rich surround sound, this soundbar takes video enjoyment to a new level. This powerful sound bar system is designed with a focus on simplicity and elegance. This system is meant to be visually appreciated, it conveys the impression of fine Yamaha fine sound quality. Glossy and beautiful, the elegance and sophistication of the YAS-101 emanate from its polished black surface, not giving a feeling of its size and perfectly harmonizing with any interior. The front is beautifully designed with a gentle curve. This stylish one-bar speaker system provides the impressionable surround sound to fill all parts of your room.
Reviewers gave the YAS-101 top marks although with no external subwoofer you won't get room thumping bass. You will get clear voice sound which makes spoken dialog easier to hear.

Read reviews, and get best price on the YAS-101BL here »

top rated soundbars

Sony HTCT260H Soundbar 

The Sony soundbar adds incredible sound and heart pounding bass to your entertainment center. It includes a wireless subwoofer with built-in Bluetooth which makes setup extra easy. Using a HDMI cable (which is sold separately) or Digital Optical cable (included) it makes connecting it to an HDTV simple. HDMI-CEC is a nice feature which turns the soundbar off with the TV.

Sound quality is decent, although not quite as good as the Klipsch or Yamaha soundbars. This midrange soundbar offers high-tech features like HDMI-CEC and ARC (Audio Return Channel). With ARC you can plug your CableTV box, Roku Stick, Chromecast, or USB drive into your TV, and the sound will travel back through the HDMI cable to play on the sound bar.  

Read reviews, and get best price on the Sony HTCT260H here »

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