Sonos Sub Adds Deeper Dimension to your Music

Sonos Sub Adds Deeper Dimension to your Music

Shake the house with a SONOS SUB wireless subwoofer

If you want to hear and feel your Internet streaming music the way it was meant to be listened to, the Sonos Sub will not disappoint. Brought to you by the same company that brings you the outstanding collection of Sonos Wireless HiFi Internet Music Players. Their wireless sub will rock your world. From the minute you open the box and look at the sexy design, and experience the one button simple programming to connect your system, prepare to be impressed.
Sonos Sub

Sonos pulled out all the stops when they designed their sub for their powered Sonos players. Listening to your music with a Sonos Sub will open up your
musical sound stage in a way not possible without a subwoofer. It lets you hear the deep rumble of clear heart pounding sound, that you also feel vibrating in your bones.

The sleek low profile exterior design let's you hide this sub neatly away in a corner, under a bed or couch. It was built using two force-canceling speakers to eliminate any cabinet buzz or rattle and will make your streaming internet music simply sound absolutely amazing.

Sonos Sub Features

  • Dual Acoustic Ports: Specially tuned to enhance sound and performance. 
  • Digital Sound: Zero-loss audio quality and energy is achieved by active equalization, time alignment and Digital Signal Processing circuitry. 
  • Frequency Responce: Deep Bass Down to 25 Hz. Equalization: Automatically performed to ensure perfect balance and incredible sound quality. 
  • Supported Sonos Devices: This subwoofer was only designed to work with Sonos amplified models which include their PLAY:5, PLAY:3, Connect:AMP, and PLAYBAR. More specs...
Sonos Sub, Deep Bass Wireless Subwoofer

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