Samsung 55" LED Smart Hub HDTV

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Samsung's All in One TV and Media Streaming Solution

In the very competitive field of LED HDTVs, Samsung stands out from the crowd. Samsung built it's reputation on building class leading televisions that offer amazing picture quality at a cost that's still competitive.

Smart Hub HDTV Technology

What makes the Samsung Smart Hub unique, is they offer the ability to stream and view media content directly from the internet without any 3rd party media streamer attached to your television. This is advantageous when performing a minimal install where the TV appears to float on a wall, with nothing except wireless surround speakers attached. 

Samsung included many Apps or Channels along with a full web browser on their new line of Smart Hub LED TVs. 

With their new slim bezel, Samsung has greatly reduced the width of the bezel surrounding their LED screens where it is almost invisible. This has greatly enhanced the visual appeal of their televisions, and when mounted on a wall allows them to blend in nicely with any decor.

Smart Hub TV Apps

Currently Samsung has over 900 Apps listed in  their App Store. Most of these Apps are free to install on your Smart Hub TV. Different Apps are offered based on geographical location. Customers in the UK may not necessarily have the same Apps available as customers in the US.

Apps are organized by the following categories, in the app store click any category to view Apps in US market:








Show Apps by Device - This allows you to input your model number which brings up a list of Apps specific to your device. Click Here to view all US Samsung Smart TV & Blue-ray Apps

Smart TV Web Browser

Samsung Smart TVs include a Web Browser, which makes it nice for surfing the web from your couch. Their optional wireless Bluetooth keyboard is a requirement if you plan on using the Web browser on a regular basis. It includes a built in touch pad to navigate with ease. This makes writing emails or managing your social media accounts super easy. It works just like a regular browser including features like Adobe Flash, along with Bookmarks to save your favorite sites.

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Samsung VG-KBD2000 Wireless Keyboard

If you have an iPhone or iPad, check out this great Video Browser App from ZappoTV.
Video Browser will Play 95% of all videos on the Web on your Samsung TV, including popular sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, ESPN, Metacafe, ABC, Fox, TED, CNN, and many more! Download Video Browser from iTunes Store

Smart Hub TV Sizes

Samsung has incorporated their Smart Hub technology into a full range of sizes from 32" on the small end, all the way to  85" on the larger end.  Picture quality and size are both two important aspects to consider when purchasing a new TV. Since new HDTVs offer much more detail it allows us to sit much more closer than older CRT models. On the other hand, if you sit too close and your eyes start focusing on individual pixels this is less than ideal. 

Quality of your video source is also important. If you plan on watching mostly HD or Blue-Ray, you can sit a little closer. If most of your video sources is from SD cable and VHS VCR, sitting back a little further helps make up for the less than optimal signal source.

Use the sizing widget below from Samsung to help determine the sweet spot for finding the best size HD TV for your viewing area.

3D Crave - For Watching on your Samsung 3D TV

If you have not yet checked out 3D Crave, it's a video service that offers 3D content to watch on your Samsung Smart TV. Besides Free Movies and YouTube 3D content, they offer 24hr and 48hr 3D Movie rentals. Click here to download Crave 3D for your Samsung 3D TV from the Samsung App Store. They are currently working hard to bring their service to many other devices including Roku.

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Quite often Amazon offers large discounts on Samsung TVs. Click here to check for best price on a new Samsung LED Smart Hub Slim HDTV.

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