OYEN Digital MiniPro - Low Cost Video and Music Backup Solution

OYEN Digital MiniPro - Low Cost Video and Music Backup Solution

Many media streamer owners may have amassed large collections of movies and music files and can't really afford an expensive NAS to backup their files. Here is an alternative lower cost solution in case your computer hard drive crashes unexpectedly leaving your media files safe and protected.

For years backing up data to an internal or external hard drive was our only option to protect our data.  With the "Cloud" being all the rage these days, would you really want to trust your large collection of media files to a 3rd party that can be shut down at a moment's notice?

With faster USB 3 becoming more widely available, an external backup drive may still be the best way to go. Back up drives today come in all shapes and sizes but recently we came across a line of industrial quality external drives from OYEN DIGITAL. Their drives are built like tanks, yet are hardy larger than a pack of cigarets. The case is made from real steel, not plastic which seems to be today's material of choice. Their drives are tough, small and quiet. All desirable traits in any backup drive housing your precious collection of media files.

They offer three external drive enclosures with unique connections choices:


MiniPro™ USB 3.0 Enclosure  
The ultra fast USB 3.0 enclosure 
is compatible with 2.5"
SATA  hard drives (9.5 & 12.5mm).

MiniPro eSATA
 MiniPro™ eSATA, USB 3.0 
 eSATA and USB 3.0 provide 
 the fastest available transfer rate 
 via the 6Gb/s SATA III interface.

MiniPro External Drive

MiniPro™ Firewire 800, USB 3.0
The first portable bus-powered 
enclosure with USB 3.0 and 
FireWire 800 for 2.5" HDDs.

MiniPro's are available with or without an internal drive or even with dual drives in a 2GB Raid configuration. If you have an extra notebook drive laying around, purchasing just the enclosure can save a little more money. Since they use 2.5" hard drives, they are currently limited to 1gb of storage. What the MiniPro may lack in storage size, it easily makes up for in portability and durability.

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