Streaming Internet - The Future Is Here

Internet TV is Here to Stay

Most cable television content can now be found online and streamed from the internet.

While media streaming is really not a relatively new concept, with the last recession people started turning to media streamers and downgraded to basic cable television channels or eliminated their cable TV all together. With media streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, VUDU or others (check out our comparison guide), many subscribers have been able to reduce their monthly cable television internet bill or even eliminate them completely. 

While the savings over a years time can be rather significant, here are some of the things to be aware of before you cancel your Cable TV service:

Ease of Use - There is no doubt that turning on a TV and surfing channels is simply as easy as it gets. A media streamer may take a small learning curve although both Roku and Apple TVs are some of the easiest media streamers to opperate. 

Most people will have very few problems setting up a media streamer in no time. If setup question do arise, most manufactures have forums and websites with common questions and answers that will quickly help get you get up to speed.

Limited Programming - With the large amounts of programming available on cable television and satellite, using just a single streaming service may leave you wanting for more. You may need to subscribe to more than one streaming service to receive all the content you were used to with cable television. Even subscribing to one or two media streaming services, the savings will still be greater than your average cable television internet or satellite monthly bill.

Fast Internet Connection - Having a faster internet connection is necessary if you decide to watch TV show and movies streamed from the internet to your television. If you live in a household where multiple family members are playing online games and or streaming media at the same time,  buffering issues or dropped connections can happen with slower DSL connection. This can get very annoying and will require a faster internet connection at an additional expense.  Optimally 3Mbps or faster is best. 1.5Mbps connections may cause some problems.

FREE TV - If you subscribe to Cable internet there is a good possibility that you will still continue to receive unencrypted HD channels. Keep your cable plugged into your TV and rescan your QAM channels to see how many channels you are able to receive.

While media streamers still have a few limitations, more and more content is available online all the time. For example ROKU offers a large selection of free video content through a large number of private channels.  Online streaming content providers are competing harder for your money these days. While cable television internet has changed the way we watch TV, it is in many ways better than it ever was with more viewing choices.

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