Quiz Results - Media Player - WD TV Live Hub, Popcorn Hour


Quiz Results - Media Player - WD TV Live Hub, Popcorn Hour

Based on our quiz results, a Media Player would be your best choice.

Western Digital makes the excellent TV Live Hub which contains a 1TB Hard Drive for storing or backing up your media files without an additional NAS or Media Server.
Media Players play common online downloaded file types like .mkv and .avi flawlessly. Be sure to check specs and read reviews for details.

Popcorn Hour also makes high quality media players that allow you to choose your own hard drive for internal storage. Media players sometimes require a bit more technical knowledge than a media streamers. They also take up much less room than many dedicated Home Theater PCs. Their smaller size makes them quieter than larger home theater computers.

If you arrived on this page without taking the Quiz please take our Media Streamer vs Media Player vs HTPC Quiz by clicking here »

Be sure to visit our Site Map to see specs and photos of many of today's top performing media streamers.


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