USB Playlist Player Roku Channel

USB Playlist Player Roku Channel

What plays m3u Playlists, requires no long typed in urls and has a bright red channel logo? It's the new Roku USB Playlist Player channel that will be here soon and will auto discover m3u files right from your USB stick.

This is a new upcoming Roku channel from the same channel developer that brought us the awesome m3u Playlist Player on Roku.

The USB Playlist Player Roku Channel is currently being tested by Roku and waiting for approval and once approved will be available in the Roku channel store as a public channel.

Once this channel is available you will also be able to add it below.

While the original m3u Playlist Player Roku channel did a great job of playing m3u playlists, typing in long file names with your remote could soon become tedious and downright frustrating. Even more so if you made a typo which would cause the file not to load.

Soon we will have a new m3u player Roku channel which will contain one of the most requested features, the ability to play m3u playlists right from your Roku's USB port.

This channel will only work with Roku models that that have a USB port. These are found on their upper line models, so if you have a Roku 3, Roku 4, or a Roku Ultra or Roku TV you should be good to go. You can check out current Roku models here.

Less expensive models don't come with USB ports. If you have a USB port you can use a USB stick to play video files right on your Roku.

How the Roku USB Playlist Player Channel Works

To use the m3u USB Playlist player, just add your m3u playlists to your USB stick, plug it into your Roku and the channel will auto discover the files when it opens. You can choose from different playlists using the remote control on your Roku as seen in the photo shown below.

What's Even Better Than a USB Playlist Channel

The Network Share Playlist Player Channel would be great for those that don't have a USB stick plus it would make it even easier to add and replace m3u playlists.

You just point the channel to a shared network folder, from there every time the channel launches it would automatically detect the m3u files and let you choose one to play on your Roku.

The developer is looking into this and it could be another great m3u Playlist Channel or feature added to an existing channel soon.



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