Newswire Live IPTV News Roku Channel

Newswire Live IPTV News Roku Channel

Important Update: The Newswire Roku channel has been removed by the developer. 

You can now add it as an m3u feed. Instructions are here

Watch all your Favorite News Channels with the FREE Newswire Roku Private Channel!

Welcome to the world of IPTV NEWS!

Newswire is a great Private Roku channel you won't want to miss, be sure to add it to your Roku below.

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Newswire Live TV News

Newswire Live TV News Roku Channel

You have to love the Roku platform and programmers who build us some amazing private Roku channels. Newswire is another fine example and brings us a live IPTV News channel with many live news channels from around the world, all in one nicely laid out easy to use channel.

Newswire has live News from CNN USA, CNN International, MSNBC, FOX News, CBS, BBC and more.

About Live IPTV Streams

1. Newswire is a Free private channel. It simply links to live News feeds that can be found on the Internet.

2. IPTV News feeds come and go. Unlike paid streaming TV services like Sling TV or Sony Playstation Vue, which also have excellent sources of Live News channels that always work. (See their channel lineup here) IPTV video feeds can tend to go from terrible, to excellent which really depends on the quality of the feed, server and how many people are watching at the same time.

3. You don't need to mess with your TV dials if the picture is freezing for a second or two and then plays. This is sometimes normal with some IPTV video channels. Sound may also ocassionally be slightly out of sync with the video and this also normal with some IPTV streams.

4. Channel feeds come and go. Just because a channel may not work today. Tomorrow you can turn on the channel and it will play beautiful.

Now that you understand the limitations of IPTV channels in case you should find some News channels not working. Accept and appreciate this channel for what it is and be happy. It will let you watch some great free News streams for free.

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