How to Create a Roku Channel - Part Four

How to Create a Roku Channel
Part Four

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Now that we have uploaded the zip file using your Roku IP address in the web browser from Part Three of this guide. Your screen should show that the uploaded file was successfully added.

See the image below:

Once the is uploaded this screen will say Install Success.
Channel should also be visible on your Roku.

You have just side loaded a channel to your Roku. Only one channel can be side loaded at a time. This channel is only visible to your home network. If you have no plans on making this channel public or sharing a private code with other people, congratulations you are done. Enjoy your new super private Roku channel.  If you want to share your channel with others we have a little more work left to do...

Step 7 - Obtaining your Roku Developer RSA Keys and Password

Before we can upload anything to Roku it will need to be encrypted with an RSA key and password which we will show you how to obtain here.

1. Open up a Command prompt in Windows or the Terminal app in your Mac.
2. Type: telnet  8080 (Substituting with your Roku IP address )
Hopefully you wrote this down earlier in Part One - Step 2. of this guide.

When the connection has been made, at the prompt, type genkey. It may require several attempts but you should see your screen fill with random .......++.......... and then a Password: and DevID: will appear. See image below for an example.

Be sure to write down your Password and DevID as we will be needing this in a just a little bit.

Signing and Packaging Your Channel 

Don't use your 4 digit rokudev password here, it won't work. You need to use the genkey password.

The above 4 step pictorial walks you though the process of getting your file signed with your developer password which we created with telnet and genkey we just generated. Then download the pkg file and finally we upload it to the Roku website in the next part where we will make your side loaded channel either a private or public so it's in the Roku channel store.

TIP: A private channel let's anyone with the channel vanity code add your new channel to their Roku and watch it. A Public channel is accessible to anyone via the Roku Channel Store. A side loaded channel is only available on your Roku inside your home network.

Step 8. Adding your New Private Roku Channel to Roku

For the last part of this guide you will need to watch this excellent video tutorial.
Even though the first part of this video shows how to build a Roku channel using the Instant Roku TV Channel Software, at about 11 minutes 51 seconds into the video, everything else you do to publish your channel is exactly the same.

It will show you how to go into the Roku webpage, create and publish your private channel using the pkg file that we already downloaded from Roku developer web page in the previous step.

Once you have your channel built and uploaded, any changes to the content can be made directly on your web server. You can add more links to videos and change icons for videos and categories.

The only thing that would be required is adding another zip and creating a package file and then updating your channel on Roku if you make anychanges to the videoplayer folder. The way it's setup, unless you want to change your web server or channel icon you will hardly ever need to do this.

It will only take a few minutes to follow the steps outlined in Parts 3 and 4 of this guide to upload a modified then sign and download a new channel pkg file.

The Roku Developer web page will allow you to upload a new updated pkg file and update your channel to a different version number any time you want.

Need Help with Creating Your Roku Channel?

If you get stuck somewhere along the way, just leave a comment at our forum. Please use this method instead of contacting us directly. We would like everyone to learn and benefit by your questions.

Click here to access the TvSteamin Roku Channel Developer Discussion Page

Add A Web Page to Your Web Server

If you signed up with Bluehost to use for your Roku channel you should create a website so
whenever someone enters your website address they can go to a web page telling them about your Roku channel. This is a great way to help people learn about your channel.

Here is nice single page HTML5 website template you can use to help you get started. Just open the index.html file inside the folder with a text editor and customize it to tell people what your Roku channel is all about. Instructions are written in the file which you will want to overwrite with your own info.

This free single page website template is responsive so it will resize to fit all mobile devices. You can download it by clicking on the download button below.

Download Website Template

We really hope you enjoyed this guide on how to create a Roku channel from scratch. If you build a great new channel,  please be sure to let us know so we can add it to our Roku Channels List.

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