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For a Home Media Player Nothing Beats Plex

Plex plays everything that's thrown at it.

There is pretty much nothing that Plex won't play. Sure Android boxes with Kodi are great, although still nowhere near as smooth as a capable computer that's loaded with Plex. Other streamers like Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku can't offer the same ability to play as wide a range of content as a Plex server.

Set Plex up with the right computer and it can make streaming 5 concurrent streams a piece of cake. All perfectly smooth without lag or delay.

A Plex media server computer will work with a wide range of media streamers from Roku, iOS to Android. Plus, you can use their web client on anything that uses a modern web browser.

If you have a large media library, Plex is a great solution that lets you pay attention to your library. Using the unsupported app store and these Plex apps, you can even use Plex to watch pretty much all the same content that's available on Kodi.

Compared to Kodi, the Plex interface is a little more polished. It's kind of like comparing an iPhone to a Windows 10 phone. Sure they both make phone calls, but which would you really want to use every day?

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Plex compared to Kodi also seems more stable and requires less user interaction. This makes it perfect for those that are still new to media streaming or recently may have cut the TV cord.

To run the Plex server software, you will need a reasonably fast computer. Fortunately you can get an Intel i5 NUC (5i5RYK) that can easily run 5 concurrent Plex streams without a stutter.

The Intel NUC computer at only 4"X4" is tiny. It uses a 5th Generation Intel Core i5-5250U CPU and it's quiet and powerful enough to use as a Plex media server.

You won't need a ton of RAM to run PLEX. And a SSD drive will make everything run lightning quick. This NUC is not compatible with 2.5" Solid State Drives. You will need a M.2 SSD drive.

Amazon offers the NUC as a bundle with a compatible drive and memory. Scroll down on this page where it says: "Frequently Bought Together."

Another popular option for Plex is to get a NAS drive from QNAP or a Synology Play model instead. These models can transcode and also work well as a Plex server. While a proper NAS box is a great option that will give you many more times the file storage space. These boxes do cost a lot more once you start adding the cost of hard drives.  

For most people the NUC is good lower cost Plex solution. It comes in both an i5 and i7 model. Fortunately, if all you plan on using it for is Plex, the i5 is all you really will need.

An operating system on the NUC is also required and many people still use Windows 7. Ubuntu Server Linux is also another good option to run Plex and is Free.

For a low cost quiet computer that works perfectly with Plex, you can't really beat the little i5 NUC power box.

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