3 Ways Plex Beats Kodi

3 Ways Plex Beats Kodi

Both Plex or Kodi has the ability to turn a computer into a full fledged Home Theater in a box.

Plex has always offered more ways to access your video content by offering a large collection of media apps to watch your content. Either on a Roku by using their now FREE Roku channel, or on Apps that work on Android, Windows, Linux or OS X computers.

plex vs kodi

Like Kodi, Plex can also stream content from a variety of plugins or apps.

Plex recently took it's media player application and gave it a full makeover. Their new app really looks quite nice and now offers some more great new features. It's now called Plex Media Player, and is built from the ground up to handle today's most popular video codecs by using an all new open source mpv media playback engine.

The mpv playback engine will play such a big part in the new Plex Media Player software, they even hired the main mpv project contributor. Besides supporting all popular video codecs, their new Plex Media Player works perfectly with the new super affordable Raspberry Pi 2.

Plex Vs Kodi At a Glance

Database HostAndroid TV/PC (or MySQL server)Requires a PC Server
Database ManagementApp InterfaceWeb Interface
TranscodingProvided within the AppHandled by Server app on a PC
Client Hardware SupportLimited Not on RokuWide Support
Add-onsUnlimitedUnsupported Apps Store
Visual CustomizationUnlimitedMinimal
Add-on MaintenanceKodi User CommunityProvided by Plex
CostFreeFree, Optional Subscriptions
Remote StreamingAlmost ImpossibleVery Possible

Looking at the table above, you may be inclined to believe that Kodi is far superior.  

Where Plex Beats Kodi

1. Plex is More Professional - Sure, Kodi can do a lot of things and has an amazing amount of add-ons that will turn it into a powerful cable cutting machine. The bottom line is it takes more maintenance and what we like to call fiddling to keep Kodi going.

If Kodi were a car, it would undoubtedly be a Ferrari, and Plex a Lexus. A Ferrari could easily blow past a Lexus on the track and in sheer performance, attitude and style. The Lexus on the other hand would be so much more comfortable driving to work every day on a daily basis and require virtually no maintenance.
Plex unlike Kodi which is open sourced is put out by a company and has a more polished, professional looking interface. It's pretty easy to use and does not have layers upon layers of settings that need tweaking.

2. Plex Works on Roku - Unfortunately Kodi does not unless you count casting from another device, which is something many streamers have not yet embraced. For non Roku owners, this may not be a deal breaker. For those that use a Roku as their primary and only streamer, being able to use Plex greatly enhances what you can do with your Roku.

Plex lets you play your media from your server or choose a wide range of content via plug-ins which can be found using the Plex unsupported app store. Either way Plex can do it easier and with less fuss then is possible with Kodi. For the best apps in the Plex Unsupported App Store... Click here!

Sure, you can buy a separate Android TV box to run Kodi. Many people do this and it gives them full access to live TV streams, sports channels and more. In fact this is something that Kodi is famous for. Be prepared to spend some time as there is a pretty steep learning curve on how to setup and manage Kodi.

3. Plex Offers Server Transcoding - By transcoding files from the PC server Plex software, it allows Plex content to be converted and streamed to wider range of devices. The server does all the heavy lifting. Which means your client apps can run smooth under full HD playback.

The Plex Server Software can be installed on either a computer or a NAS box. Network Attached Storage devices require less space and are much quieter then their desktop PC equivalents. To see a listing of today's top performing  NAS boxes that have the horsepower and processor needed for Plex file transcoding, please... click here.

While Kodi may be popular in many circles. Plex keeps reminding us they are here for the duration. Their new Plex Media Player software is a nice addition to the Plex family and will be well received by the Plex community.

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