Roku Reviews - Best Models to Buy

Roku Reviews - Best Roku Models Reviewed

Which Roku's Right for You? These Roku Reviews Can Help You Decide!

If you're thinking of cutting the cord, at some point you will be shopping for a new media streamer and a Roku for each TV should be at the top of your list.

We rounded up some of the best Roku reviews from respected sources to help make buying a new Roku media streamer easier. 

Roku released a couple of new models in 2015 and gave them pretty much the same name as the ones they replaced. To avoid confusion, these reviews only cover the latest and current models available from Roku.

Roku 4 Reviews

Newly released and currently top of the line, this quad-core model is the fastest Roku has to offer. While some owners have had a few issues, it's still a great media streamer and our everyday go to box.

mkvXstream: "Roku's 4k Ultra HD Streamer has arrived and it's pretty awesome!"
ARSTechnica: "Future-proofed 4K version of the best streaming box (so far)"
engadget: "4K is nice, but otherwise it's not a huge upgrade"
DigitalTrends: "Whaddya wanna watch? Roku 4 makes answering that question easier"

Roku 3 Reviews

The Roku 3 is an excellent choice if you want to take advantage of playing Roku games, or use their voice search to find content. If you don't have any intentions of getting a new 4K UHD TV, this model is still a very good one to get.

mkvXstream: "New Roku 3 is Better Faster and Available Now!"
Techradar: "2015 Roku 3 is better than ever thanks to a voice search function and Roku Feed"
PCadvisor: "Chromecast rival 2015 Roku 3 is better than ever with new remote and UI features"

Roku 2 Reviews

The 2015 Roku 2 is the current bargain of the group. It offers the same exact performance as the Roku 3 at a lower price. The only thing you give up is the gaming remote and voice search.

CNET: "Faster Roku 2 masters the streaming universe"
PCMag: "The new Roku 2 offers loads of streaming services and fast performance"

Roku Streaming Stick Reviews

A Roku streaming stick will give you the slowest user experience. Some people still choose it as a lower cost model to give them access to all the great private channels Roku has to offer.

TechRadar"Roku Streaming Stick is smaller, cheaper and almost completely platform agnostic"

Where to buy a Roku?

roku 4 reviews
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Amazon also offers many excellent Roku reviews from real buyers.

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