Tablo TV Over The Air DVR for Roku

Tablo TV Over The Air DVR for Roku

Cordcutters no longer need be without a DVR with Tablo TV

Let's face it, one of the best things cable or satellite had going for them was their DVR and local network channels. Now with a good antenna, and Tablo TV you can have both, minus the hefty monthly bills.

If you ever had a DVR or Tivo, you know how great they can be. While Tivo still makes a DVR for cordcutters which can record Over The Air TV channels (OTA). Their $15 a month monthly guide fee plus the cost of the box can really add up fast.

Tablo TV DVR offers a another alternative that will save you some money. They offer two models either a two tuner or four tuner model that will record and pause free live OTA HD TV channels.

You heard that right. With a properly sized antenna you may be able to pickup all your local network channels in HD at better quality resolution than you typically would get from satellite or cable TV.

Typically Network OTA TV Channels Include:

CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, CTV, CW, Global, Omni, Univision, 

Tablo TV Currently Available Only in the USA

How Does Tablo TV Work?

Unlike a Tivo or DVR you would typically rent from your Cable provider, Tablo TV does not hook directly to your TV. Instead it hooks to your internet router. It then lets you stream and watch the recorded programs from an antenna on portable devices listed below:

  • Apple and Android tablets
  • Apple and Android smartphones
  • PC or Mac computers

Tablo TV also lets you watch your recorded content on Televisions using popular streamers like:

  • AppleTV (via AirPlay from an iPad)
  • Roku (With Free Roku Channel)
  • Google Chromecast (with an Android app and Chrome browser)

Tablo TV Guide Service

Tablo TV like Tivo charges a monthly fee for their guide service. Unlike Tivo which charges $15 a month Tablo only charges $4.99 a month.

You will want to get the guide as this is where the cool factor comes into play. It will let you choose from and set up recordings up to two weeks in advanced.

You can also set up your Tablo TV to record by an entire season,  or all new episodes of your favorite shows.

Bring Your Own Hard Drive

Tablo TV unlike Tivo does not come with built in hard drives. Rather you will need to connect an external USB drive (up to 2 TB) to your Tablo TV box.

Choosing a Proper Antenna

Verify if you can get adequate TV reception if you do not yet have an antenna. Visit this site and input your zip code or address to see how close your are to the TV transmission towers in your area.

The size of the antenna needed will be determined by how close you are to the towers. Sometimes tall buildings, hills and trees can make a difference with reception.

We recommend you browse the antennas on Amazon as they offer a 30 day return. Be sure to read the reviews for the best models for your application.

Bigger is always better when it comes to antennas and the higher up you can place them the further and stronger signals you can pull in.

Many times placing a larger antenna in your attic is all that's needed as the signals can easily penetrate a roof. This eliminates the need for grounding which is required for outdoor antennas to protect your home from lightning.

Getting Started With Tablo TV

  1. Click here to visit Amazon to buy a Tablo TV
  2. Click here to select a USB Hard Drive if needed
  3. Add the Tablo TV Roku Channel
  4. Add the Tablo TV Android App (From Amazon)
  5. Add the Tablo TV Android App (From Google Play)
  6. Add Tablo iOS App (From iTunes Store)
  7. Click here to Create your Tablo Account

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