Infuse App from Firecore for Apple TV

Infuse 5 App from FireCore for Apple TV

Infuse 5 is a Powerful iTunes Replacement That Lets You Play Video Content from a Number of Sources on your Apple TV

With the Infuse 5 app, you can unleash your Apple TV and import content from iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, iTunes, AirDrop, email, and more. 

Use Air Drop, FTP, or your web browser to transfer videos instantly. Infuse 5 supports playback of media types like MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV plus many more.

With the FireCore Infuse 5 App, Apple TV owners now have the ability to play their content from a wide range of sources. No longer trapped into the mp4/m4v formats or needing to transcode media files to a format supported by the Apple TV, it will save users countless hours of time and aggravation.

Still On the Fence On Which Media Streamer to Buy?

Here's why the Apple TV 4K may be the next big thing for some cord cutters in the future.


Nvidia SHIELD today's top Android TV streaming device is Apple TV's closest competitor. If the rumors are to be believed, support for the SHIELD may stop in several years. Nvidia may have moved on to AI applications and cease to update the SHIELD TV any longer. 

This was posted in the AVS Forum earlier this year:

"AFAIK, Nvidia is not planning a new SHIELD product at this time and will likely only continue supporting SHIELD TV for another year or two. There has been no word in the dev circles I'm connected with that anything is in the pipeline and a report I read on Nvidia's finances from some time ago stated that the CEO closed the product development for SHIELD around the time Nintendo became interested in Tegra. They took a big loss from the Tegra SOCs because electronics makers in Asia chose Chinese/Taiwanese SOCs for their TV/set-top-box/phone/tablet products. The single purpose of the SHIELD products was to give Nvidia a showcase reference platform for their Tegra SOCs and every phone/tablet vendor that bought into the hardware several years ago, lost big money on their products because the Android software wasn't where it needed to be and the media-centric SOCs from MediaTek and other big names in Asia quickly became competitive with what Nvidia was putting out, so Tegra R&D resources have been diverted to AI applications, with a focus on automotive and security uses that will use the computing power of the GPU. Given that, other than the obvious "Big D***!" GPU that Nvidia brings to the table, they really have nothing to offer anyone looking for an SOC to use in Android devices, though the SOC is a great fit for such applications. Having played DOOM 3 BFG on the SHIELD TV, I can say that I'm sad to see the ship sink, but it's a matter of market share, which Nvidia simply never got with their Tegra chips and the fact that Android devs did not bother to update the bulk of Nvidia SHIELD portable/tablet apps for the SHIELD TV's Android TV OS really didn't help Nvidia's bottom line at all. Perhaps the success of the Nintendo Switch will change some minds in the next year, but I would not be hopeful about any further SHIELD products materializing."

While we can't confirm this is NVIDIA's true intentions and really hope this does not happen because in our opinion, the SHIELD TV is one of the best Android TV boxes ever to reach the market. There is always the possibility that this could be true.

If the SHIELD was ever discontinued, where does that leave those looking for a powerful media streamer?

The Current Apple TV 4K is even more powerful than the Nvidia SHIELD.

For a long time, nothing could touch the SHIELD in performance. That is until Apple released their 4K Apple TV Model with an A10X Fusion processor.

Average Benchmarks GPU Nvidia Tegra X1 - 8 Cores → 100%

Average Benchmarks GPU Apple Fusion A10X - 12 Cores → 120%

Between the Apple TV, SHIELD TV and Roku Ultra, currently three top of the line media streamers from three great companies. The Apple TV 4K boots up much faster and currently has the fastest CPU.

Apple TV No Longer Quite As Closed As It Once Was

While apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, DirecTVNow can now easily be found on the Apple TV.

Early on the Apple TV was once the number one most popular media streamer. When Roku came along with their more open platform this quickly changed.  Now the tables may be turning once again.

While Roku was once the most open media streamer, recently they have been very busy tightening up their platform and closing down their platform, by only letting their users watch content from legal sources and removing any apps that link out to pirated content on the Internet. 

Apple TV on the other hand was once known as the most closed media streamer has of late been taking a more light-handed approach.

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Several IPTV players are now available for download from the Apple App Store. Yet now on Roku, not a single IPTV channel is available on their platform any longer. This is forcing these users to seek other alternatives and media streamers.

Roku still offers many private Adult channels which can't be found on Apple TV. For adult content, Roku is still one of the best media streamers available. While you can cast adult channels to Apple TV, Roku lets you watch porn directly from a long list of hidden private adult channels on their platform.

Infuse From FireCore Can Make Your Apple TV 4K Awesome

Infuse further opens up the Apple TV to make it much more versatile media player.
Here are some of the things that will infuse your Apple TV 4K and make it even more awesome.
  • Super-Smooth Playback of 4K with hardware decoding h264 and h.265 files.
  • Automatic Cover Art and Metadata for movies and TV shows.
  • Picture-in-Picure and Split View Multitasking.
  • Drag and Drop File Transfers from Air Drop, FTP or web browser.
  • UPnP & DNLA support for Plex, Kodi and Serviio.
  • Full Gesture Controls 
  • AirStash or SanDisk support for download or streaming content on the go.
  • Subtitle Support with on tap downloads
  • Import videos from other apps.
  • Browse and Play videos from Mac, PC or NAS or HTTP link without syncing.
  • Support for trackt. This lets you keep up on what you watched.
  • Facebook, Twitter and trackt  optional sharing support.
  • Parental controls to lock down what can be streamed and watched.
  • iXpand support for easy flash storage up to 256GB for iPad and iPhone.

iXpand lets you add up to 256GB of storage to your iDevices 

With the FireCore Infuse 5 App,  the Apple TV 4K may just become one of the most sought-after media streamers if Nvidia ever stops supporting the SHIELD TV. Sure, other Android TV boxes will still be popular, but their interface is still clunky compared to the Apple TV which has an even-nicer user interface than Roku. Apple TV also has no ads on their home screen like on Roku and it lets you organize your apps into folders which still is also missing from Roku.

Firecore Infuse Pro Does So Much More

If you opt to purchase the Infuse Pro app with Family Sharing, it can be shared seamlessly across all devices (iPad iPhone Apple TV) Plus it does so much more.

Additional Features That Comes With Infuse Pro:

  • Plays Additional Video File Formats including 4K UHD
  • Enhanced audio support with 24-bit Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio.
  • Playback of your files stays synced across all iDevices. If you start a movie, continue where you left off on another device.
  • Cloud Streaming lets you stream videos directly from cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many others.
  • Full AirPlay and GoogleCast Support
  • Free Updates For Life! Including full version updates.

Firecore Infuse Supports These Video, Audio and Sub-Title Formats

How Much Does Infuse Pro Cost?

The app offers monthly yearly or lifetime options. Lifetime offers full support for future version updates. While there is always the possibility that Apple at some point can remove the app. The cost difference VS an annual sub when discounted is not all that much more.

Firecore occasionally offers discounts on their Lifetime subscription. It's best to check their forum for deals, as they are usually announced there. You can also get on their mailing list and this could potential save you 25% off the price of a lifetime subscription next time they are running a special.

Currently the Infuse Pro version costs:

  • Infuse Pro - Yearly$9.99

  • Infuse Pro - Monthly$.99

  • Infuse Pro - Lifetime          $44.99

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