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Best Free Movie and TV Shows Roku Channels

Roku continues to be a popular media streamer for watching full content. This is a nice selection of channels where you can find free movies and TV shows on Roku where the only price of admission is sitting through a few ads. So fire up the popcorn maker, lean back and enjoy some great movies and TV shows which you can still stream for free.

Viewster is a great channel that lets you stream free TV. They offer a nice range of  movie and film content from the great classics to newer stuff. While they do have advertisements they are not overly intrusive.
They offer a nice rating system which is no missing from Netflix, and while they don't use stars, the little flame symbol is used instead along with a percentage to rate a film or movie based on users likes and dislikes.
Click the show icon, and you can see more information like any film ratings G, PG or R if the movies was rated as well as genre info like comedy, drama or documentaries. 
Viewster also gives a nice option to watch a trailer clip so you can see if you will even like the show or movie before you waste much time only to find it's a dud.
Content is a little more diverse and you will even find some more geared towards adult.
Subtitles are also included for many but not all of their films so if you don't understand the language you will be out of luck.
All in all Viewster is a great free app or Roku channel that lets you stream content for free.

VRV is a free ad-supported or ad-free premium subscription channel for $9.99/month that let's you access content from many different channels which also have their own individual channels as well. Along with their own exclusive shows, this channel includes content from the following channels.

- Crunchyroll

- Funimation

- Rooster Teeth

- Cartoon Hangover

- Shudder


- Tested

- Geek & Sundry

- Nerdist

- VRV Select


- CuriosityStream

Add VRV Roku Channel 

SnagXtreme is a channel that offer plenty of newer SciFi flicks with a nice mix of horror, nature, Extreme Sports and a lot more. Most of their titles are from the last 20 years.

Watch Free Flix has hundreds of TV shows and moves. Much of the content is older but they do have some newer content as well. This channel contains a nice mix of  comedy, horror, drama, documentaries, and action flics in the mix.

FilmRise offers a great collection of hit TV shows and movies. Genres include thrillers, comedies and PBS Emmy Award shows. Everything is subscription free and it's available on many platforms like Android, Roku and Apple TV.

CoolFlix another FilmRise channel formerly known as OVGuide claims to have 10,000 documentaries, Action Horror and many more genres of TV shows and films. Some are older but the majority of their content contains newer titles. 

Shout Factory TV developed by Tubi TV this app features a nice collection of previously released feature films, classic and contemporary television series, animation, live music, and comedy specials.

Add Shout Factory Roku Channel

PBS another great free app or channel that has a lot of great PBS shows. Before this app can be used it will first need to be activated on each device you want to use it. Here are instructions for activating PBS on different devices.

Add PBS Roku Channel

Tubi TV has a nice collection of diverse TV shows. Most are from the last 20 years to current  so it features newer content you can stream for free. While Tubi TV would like you to register, this is not mandatory. This app features a wide range of content and even some that's racier and more geared towards Adults than what you typically will find on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video. There's also plenty of content geared towards families and small children.

While Tubi TV is free, you will need to watch some commercials. That's a small price to pay though for a streaming service that offers newer content typically found on Netflix or Amazon Video.

Apps are available for Roku, Android or Apple just click the corresponding app below.

Add Tubi TV Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is another great channel on Roku that offers many newer movies and TV shows from partner content providers. Recently Roku also added live news channels as well from ABC, Newsy and Cheddar. With all the free content offered on this channel with minimal ads, this is another great way to watch free content on your Roku.

Add The Roku Channel

Sony Crackle is almost like Netflix except it's free. Owned by Sony now and much like Netflix they are now creating their own original TV shows and Movies. Occasionally you can find nuggets that are not even on Netflix. Here you can see the full list of movies and TV shows on Crackle.

Add Sony Crackle Roku Channel

Fright Pix is the channel for you if you're a fan of newer creepy, monster horror films. Plus you may find some that are older that you've never seen before.

If you love a good horror flick, we also put together another long list of great scary movie horror channels you can watch on your Roku... here

Add Fright Pix Roku Channel

SnagFilms a huge catalog of mostly independent and also foreign films along with TV shows and documentaries. They also offer a large library of older content. There is a ton of great stuff here on the SnagFilms channel much of it which you would never find on Netflix or Hulu.

Add SnagFilms Roku Channel

Popcornflix offers many free ad-supported unique films and TV shows, including some that can also be found on Netflix. They have many great action and sci fi movies so you will find plenty here to keep yourself entertained. Popcornflix is another great channel to stream free.

Add Popcornflix Roku Channel

Movie Club features hard to find classics, movies and TV shows. Their library spans from the early 1900 to the 1960s.

Add Movie Club Roku Channel

NowhereArchive is a great channel which features a ton of content from public domain content from the Internet Archive. There is tons and tons of content on this channel that can be watched for free. The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library which offers free universal access to books, movies & music.

This is a Private roku channel which means you won't find it in the Roku channel store. The only way to install it is by clicking the link below or use the code: NMJS5

You can find thousands more hidden, private Roku channels on this page.

Into the Sunset Westerns watch great classic westerns from the 1930s-1980s. It also features other genres like of Drama, Action/Adventure, Horror, Animation and Musicals. 

Add Into the Sunset Western Channel

Timeless TV Westerns features mostly black and white shows from the 50's and 60's like Jim Bowie, Range Rider Wagon Trains and a collection of other older and mostly unheard of western shows. 

Add Timeless TV Westerns Channel

Cowboy Classics is a channel of mostly older western movies including some foreign western films as well. It lets you browse by movie poster to find your favorite classic cowboy shows.

Pub-D-Hub brings you a vast library of content that has entered into the public domain. Mostly older content which the copyright has run out on or content that was open source which could be freely shared. Mostly stuff like classic films, trailers, tv shows, cartoons, radio & more from the 1930s.

Add Pub-D-Hub Roku Channel

American Cartoon Classics many very old animated films/TV shows like Popeye, Felix the Cat, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Betty Bopp.

Add Cartoon Classics Roku Channel

Kung-Fu Theater has many mostly older classic martial arts films.

Add the Kung-Fu Theater Roku Channel

Spud's Chop Socky is another martial arts/kung fu channel on Roku that offers an ever changing collection of Martial Arts, Kung Fu and Action films. 

Add the Spud's Chop Socky Roku Channel

8ctave HD gives you a nice collective mix of content which is updated regularly. It offers content from over 500 channels with many local news and community public access shows. While some are only short clips of various shows, sometimes they also offer entire shows so you will never know what you will find. 

FOTV has nice mixture of both video on demand and streaming video. With over 500 linear channels from around the world it gives you a wide range of content to stream free 
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