Roku Private Listening Earbud Upgrade

Upgrade Your Roku Private Listening Earbuds For Better Sound

What Is Roku Private Listening?

Private listening is available on select Roku models if they came with a headphone jack on the remote. It's a great feature that lets you to listen to the audio from your Roku streaming player or Roku TV with headphones or earbuds. Private Listening is also available on many other Roku models from their mobile app.

Roku Models With Headphone Jack Remotes

These Roku Models All Came With Remotes That Support Private Listening

- Roku Ultra
- Roku Premiere
- Roku Premiere +
- Roku 4
- Roku 3

TIP: If you have an older Roku model that has a remote with a headphone jack, try using it with a newer Roku that does not come with one. This will work with any Standalone Roku Models except for the Streaming Sticks which only use WiFi not IR remotes.

You can also use Private Listening if you download the Roku mobile app onto your smart phone with most other Roku models that do not come with a remote control that has a headphone jack. In this case you will need to use your phone and the Roku app to enable Private Listening.

Only iOS and Android Smart Phone support the Roku mobile app.

You can download the Remote Roku app to your mobile devices here.

Roku Earbud Replacement

If you are not happy with the earbuds that came with your Roku, you can easily plug in nicer headphones or earbuds as long as they have a standard 3.5mm plug. If you already own a nice set of headphones and they come with the larger 6.3mm plug an adapter like this one, will let them fit right into your Roku Remote's headphone jack.

OneOdio Adapter-free Closed Back Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

If you are not really a fan of earbuds and prefer a nice, yet inexpensive over the ear type headphones, have a look at these affordable headphones by OneOdio. They do not require a bulky adapter so they will plug right into your Roku remote's headphone jack. Their thick ear cushions will help muffle ambient noises so your private listening will seem even more private. Learn more...

Many other headphones are available that will work nicely with your Roku remote as long as they come with a 3.5mm plug or an adapter.

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